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Slides (Embassy of Romania 09/2014)

Mourou Gerard
Zamfir Victor

Chen Pisin
Overview of Laser cosmology
Fuchs Julien
Laser-based laboratory astrophysics : en route to PETAL
Gales Sydney
Nuclear Physics with next generation of High Power Laser and Brilliant Low Energy Gamma Beams at ELI-NP
Parizot Etienne
Particule acceleration in the universe : some issues and challenges

Balabanski Dimiter
Nuclear structure and Astrophysics experiments with ELI-NP gamma beams
Kuehl Thomas
GSI Petawatt laser PHELIX
Li Ruxin / Liu Jiansheng
The 10 Petawatt Laser Project at SIOM
Miquel Jean-Luc
Current status of the LMJ-PETAL facility
Nakajima Kazuhisa
An Electron Accelerator – Decelerator Complex driven by Multi-PW Lasers and Its application
Nam Chang Hee
Enhanced Laser Wakefield Electron Acceleration
Tajima Toshiki
TeV acceleration in a tiny chip
Wang Jyhpyng
Applications of high intensity lasers in Taiwan

Di Piazza Antonino
Recollision processes in strong-field QED in the presence of an intense laser beam
Ebisuzaki Toshikazu
The jet formation and the ponderomotive accerelation of cosmic rays in an accreting blackhole system
Kim Sang Pyo
Intense Lasers Simulation of Quantum Cosmology and Gravity
Labun Lance
Enhanced nonperturbative pair conversion in small angle laser collisions
Lin Shih-Yuin
Unruh Effect under Non-equilibrium Conditions: Oscillatory Motion of Detector
Ribeyre Xavier
Possible Experimental Tests of General Relativity and Gravity on LMJ-PETAL
Unruh William
Measurement of Spectrum of Radiation from Horizon of Analog Black Hole Horizon

Mourou Gerard
A compression of 100J level in the single cycle regime-Opening the door to Zeptosecond-Exawatt Physics
Osvay Karoly
Intense few cycle lasers of ELI-ALPS
Ruffini Remo / Xue She-Sheng
A cosmic Matrix : Supernova, Neutron Stars and a Black Hole and the ELI project
Uggerhoj Ulrik
Crystal Undulators as a New Type of Gamma-Ray Source
Sergeev Alexander / Korzhimanov Efim
Relativistic electron spring as a source of sub-attosecond pulses

Homma Kensuke
A strategy of searching for dark fields via resonances coupling to two photons with high-intensity laser facilities

Chanteloup Jean-Christophe / Daniault Louis
X-CAN, a coherent amplification network of femtosecond fiber amplifiers
D'Humieres Emmanuel
laser ion acceleration with low density targets : a new path towards high intensity, high energy ion beams
Hora Heinrich
Fermion Property Change by Unruh Radiation at Laser Intensities forVacuum Pair Production
Margarone Daniele / Korn Georg / Weber Stefan
Boron-Proton Nuclear-Fusion Enhancement Induced in Boron-Doped Silicon Targets by Low-Contrast Pulsed Laser
Martin Philippe
Ultra High Intensity Physics en route to CILEX-APOLLON
Ur Calin
Advanced Brilliant Gamma Beam System for ELI-NP
Ursescu Daniel
Quest for laser driven experiments at ELI-NP
Weber Stefan
Short-pulse amplification using SBS in the C3 scheme : Current status and future perspective