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Slides & Agenda 18-19 (Tokyo 11/2013)

Monday November 18, 2013

08:00  Registration - Welcome
08 :30 Opening
           Evelyne Etchebehere, Attache in charge of Science and Technologies for information and communication, Science and Technology
           Department, Embassy of France in Japan
           Professor Atsuto Suzuki, General Director, KEK - ICFA-ICUIL

08:55 Session 1 : What is IZEST/ICAN all about now ?
08:55 G. Mourou       Introduction - Laser Ascent to Subatomic Physics
09:45 T. Tajima         IZEST High Field Science: From Fundamental Physics to Societal Applications

10:10 Session 2 : Acceleration
10:10 C.H. Nam        Towards 100 MeV proton generation using ultrathin targets irradiated with petawatt laser pulses
10:35 Coffee break
10:50 K. Nakajima     IZEST 100 GeV Ascent - Design and Methodology - aiming at Table-Top to Large-Scale Applications
11:15 X. Yan               Instability free ion acceleration regime by using such a concave fiber laser

11:40 Session 3 : Nuclear Applications
11:40 S. Gales             Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics
                                     Nuclear Science and applications with the next generation of High Power lasers and Gamma beams
12:05 P. Derycke         Areva - Fukushima - Slides Not Public -
12:30 Lunch
13:45 N. Nakashima    Ionic valence change of metal ions by ns and fs lasers applicable for nuclear waste treatment
14:10 R. Hajima           Development status of non-destructive assay of nuclear material by using laser Compton scattered gamma-rays

14:35 Session 4 : Exawatt
14:35 H. Azechi            LFEX High Energy Peta-Watt Laser and Its Potential for High Field Science
15:00 Coffee break
15:15 R. Li                    Development of high energy OPCPA and 2 PW lasers at 800 nm
15:40 T. Ebisuzaki        Astrophysical ZeV Acceleration in an Accreting Blackhole system
16:05 P. Chen               Laboratory Astrophysics using High Intensity Lasers

16:30 Round table Chairman Yoshiaki Kato
16:30 Y. Kato                 Collaboration between Academia and Industry
16:40  D. Perret-Gallix    Energy for research infrastructures
16:50 M. Mariton          Large size and high performances diffraction gratings for Ultra-Intense Laser Pulse Compression

                                       - Slides Not Public -
17:00 A. Soujaeff           Latest results on PetaWatt lasers and future developments
17:10 / 17:45 Wrap-up – Conclusion of the Round Table

18:00 Welcome by Christian Masset, Ambassador of France in Japan
- G. Mourou, Director of IZEST
- signature of 3 Memorandum of Understanding
- Launch of “Kampai” by Hiroshi Azechi Director of ILE in Osaka

Tuesday November 19, 2013

08 :30 Session 5 : ICAN International Coherent Amplification Network
08:30 W. Brocklesby     ICAN – a new laser paradigm for applications in particle physics
08:55 A. Brignon          High speed interferometric technique for coherent beam combining of large number of fiber amplifiers - Slides Not Public -

09:20 Session 6 : ICAN Experiments
09:20 P. Zeitoun            New paradigm for X-ray sources driven by ICAN lasers
09:45 D. Ros                 LASERIX facility: Achievements and prospective opened by ICAN
10:10 Coffee break
10:35 L. Corner            Fibre lasers for gamma-gamma colliders
11:00 K. Homma         Low energy stimulated photon-photon collider toward laboratory search for dark fields
11:25 H. Hora              Collective Ion Acceleration Mechanism with Petawatt-subpicosecond Laser pulses

11:50 Session 7 : Extreme Light experiments
11:50 A. Sergeev /
I. Kostyukov                 Prospects for High Efficient Gamma-Ray Sources with Laser Facility XCELS
12:15 Lunch
13:30 J. Koga              Delbrück scattering as a High Precision Vacuum Probe
13:55 S. Mueller         Higgs Boson Creation in Laser-Boosted Lepton Collisions
14:20 Kumar G. Ravindra
M. Krishnamurthy     A short overview of the intense laser - Increasing intensity of intense laser science in India: a short overview - Participation withdrawn -
14:45 Coffee break

15:00 Session 8 : Laser technology
15:00 T. Tanaka         New scheme to generate a multi-terawatt and attosecond laser pulse in X-ray free electron lasers
15:25 J. Fuchs            Amplification of ultra-short light pulses by ion collective modes in plasmas: experiments
15:50 S. Weber          Amplification of ultra-short light pulses by ion collective modes in plasmas: simulations
16:15 K.I. Ueda         Thermal-Lens-Free Cooling of Solid State Lasers for Coherent Beam Combining

16:40  Conclusion by Gerard Mourou and Toshiki Tajima

There is no specific slot reserved to the presentation of the posters; this will be done over the 2 days during breaks