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Poster session (Tokyo 11/2013)

Contributors :
1 Hora Heinrich
(presented by S. Moustaizis)
Collective Ion Acceleration Mechanism with Petawattsubpicosecond Laser pulses
2 Moustaizis Stavros Towards an Alternative Mono-Energetic Neutron Source for Material Tests Based on High Efficiency Exawatt Laser Systems
3 Kim Sang Pyo  Perspective of QED Phenomena at IZEST
4 Liang Xiayo
(presented by R. LI)
A Hybrid CPA and OPCPA Laser system generating 0.61PW
5 Murakami Masakatsu Proton Beams from Nanotube Accelerator
6 Qian Lijia Single-shot measurement of extreme high pulse-contrast
7 Sakabe Shuji Plasma Mirror for Contrast Improvement of Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulses
8 Tamburini Matteo Plasma-based generation and control of a single few-cycle,high-energy and ultrahigh intensity laser pulse”
9 Wada Satoshi Laser- and Accelerator-driven Neutron sources