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Poster session, preliminary list (Embassy of Romania 09/2014)


Asavei T. Experimental Area for Irradiated Material Science at ELI-NP
Balabanski D. Photofission experiments at the ELI-NP facility
Balascuta S. Strong Field Physics and QED with 2X10PW Lasers : Proposed Experimental E6 Area at ELI-NP
Balascuta S. Experimental area for Laser Driven Nuclear Physics at ELI-NP 
Balascuta S. The search for the optimum design of the Electron Spectrometer  for the High Field QED experiments at ELI-NP
Bénisti D. Nonlinear growth and damping rates of an electron plasma wave
Cernaianu M. O. Control Systems at ELI-NP
Chanteloup J.C. XCAN, a coherent amplification network of fiber amplifiers
Cherednychek M. High Harmonics Generation on Plasma Surface
Djourelov N. Gamma–to–Positron Converter for High Intensity and High Brilliance Positron Source at ELI–NP. Design Challenges and Simulation by GEANT4
Farmer J. Control of Nonphysical Effects in Simulations of Raman and Brillouin Amplification
Filipescu D.M. Photon induced reactions above neutron emission threshold at ELI-NP
Gangolf T. C3 : High intensity laser pulses from damageless optics
Gugiu M.M. Electromagnetic Pulse Shielding Strategy at ELI-NP
Leca V.  Analytical Methods Based on Positrons
Lehmann G. Non-filamentated ultra-intense and ultra-short pulses in Raman seed amplification
Moustaizis S.  Investigations on the Development of a Compact Laser Based High Flux Neutron Device within the ELI-NP Pillar 
Naumova N. Plasma Phase Compression : Universal Mechanism of Pulse Shortening
Nakajima K. All-Optical Gamma-beam Source and Photon-Photon Collider
Neagu L.  Laser Beam Delivery at ELI-NP
Petrone C. Gamma spectroscopy in laser driven experiments
Quinn M. ICAN : A Novel Laser Architecture for Space Debris Removal
Schluck F. Transverse effects in laser-plasma based amplification via strongly coupled Brillouin scattering
Seto K. Investigation of Radiation Reaction for High-Field Electrodynamics in ELI-NP
Shi Y.  Light fan drivien by relativistic laser pulse
Soulard R. ICAN : International Coherent Amplifying Network - Grand Scientific and Societal Challenges
Tesileanu O.  Detection of Charged Particles at ELI-NP:
Astrophysics and Nuclear Structure
Tesileanu O. Research Activity 5:
Experiments with combined laser and gamma beams
Uggerhoj U. Vacuum Birefringence by Compton Backscattering through a Strong Field
Ur C.A. Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Studies and Applications at ELI-NP
Ur C.A. Gamma Beam Delivery and Diagnostics at ELI-NP
 Wheeler J.  Thin Film Compression toward the Zeptosecond scale
Zhang X. High-energy proton generation driven by ultra-intense laser