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The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (Fraunhofer IOF) is part of the Fraunhofer Society in Germany. The Fraunhofer IOF Jena designs and develops optical and precision engineering processes, modules, equipment and systems. The institute focuses in particular on optical coatings, microoptics and integrated optical systems, precision engineering component arrays and systems, and noncontact shape measurement and surface characterization as well as high power (fiber) laser development. The Fraunhofer IOF remains in long lasting cooperation with renowned “Fiber laser group” of Institute of Applied Physics of FSU Jena, which has resulted in numerous common projects and publication on the field of Fiber Laser Technology.
Furthermore, the close relation to the Friedrich-Schiller-University, its physics department as well as the Abbe-School of Photonics offers a background for lectures, conferences and workshops also for undergraduated and PhD students.
The core competence of the Fraunhofer IOF Jena is the optical design and provides the basis for all its developmental work. The institute combines its broad experience and knowledge in all its activities around this area, whether in classical optical systems, microoptics and integrated optical systems, unconventional optics solutions and complex stray and scattered light analyses, or in optical coating and optomechanical systems.
Precise solutions are developed to meet each problem and client's wish, ranging from more general solutions and complete developmental work with tolerance analyses to redesigning and concrete construction recommendations and plans. Our scientists and engineers use a wide spectrum of commercial and adapted design programs in addition to their own instruments, including the necessary material and component parameter databanks. The expertise related to fiber lasers and amplifies are based on numerous industrial and public, government funded project as well as international collaborations. The main topics of current and future work outside the ICAN project, but which are relevant in the background of the project are:
(1) Average Power Scaling(a) and Components(b)
(2) Peak Power and Energy scaling of fiber laser(c)
(3) Coherent(d) and Incoherent Beam combining of pulsed fiber laser(e)

Key persons involved in ICAN: Andreas TUNNERMANN, Thomas SCHREIBER, Jens LIMPERT

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