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With KEK - Japan

The International Zettawatt-Exawatt center, IZEST signs a Memorandum of Undestanding on Laser-Based Particle Physics,  with the KEK.

An MOU between IZEST and KEK was signed in Osaka, March 24, 2012.. It represents the first attempt to unify the ultrahigh intensity laser field with High Energy Fundamental Physics to establish a new paradigm in Particle Physics.

This ambitious goal is made possible by the possibility to use the laser PETAL, which delivers the highest peak  power laser in the world. PETAL is on the  CEA-DAM campus of Bordeaux and  is integrated to the Laser Megajoule. The goal is to explore the possibility to laser- accelerate the  electrons to the 100GeV level. If successful it would launch the entry of high intensity laser in fundamental high energy physics. It will endeavour to study
TeV-PeV Astrophysics, Nonlinear Effects in Vacuum, as /zs Ultrafast Science, Dark Energy and Dark Matter, Radiation near the Schwinger-Sauter field, Precision Particle and radiation metrology.
.KEK is the Japanese High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. It is one of the world's leading accelerator research centers with the CERN and Fermi lab.

IZEST, has been recently created at the initiative of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Commissariat to the Atomic Energy (CEA-DAM) to explore the laser Ultra High Intensity Frontier and its applications by coordinating the efforts of the world best laboratories in ultra-intense laser and the  accelerator fields. 

Photo :
KEK Director General, Atsuto Suzuki (in the middle), with Dr Guillaume Petite Deputy Director DGAR for the Ecole Polytechnique (on the left) and Professor Gerard Mourou (on the right).