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The laser Ascent to Subatomic Physics and Applications - Moscow - Russia

Over the past few years laser peak power has increased enormously to the point where laser and High Energy Physicists start to envision ultra intense laser as a complementary paradigm to high energy accelerators. The aim of this workshop (held on April 26, 2013) is to bring together the world’s leading projects dedicated to Laser-based Particle Physics, IZEST[1] representing 30 top laboratories in the world and XCELS[2] one of the 6 Megascience projects considered to be funded by the Russian government. Scientists from the major Russian institution in the field will be represented.

To conclude the meeting MoUs between IZEST and MEPhI, National Research Nuclear University in Moscow as well as IZEST and the Institute of Applied Physics at Nizhny Novgorod will be signed.

The program and all the necessary information are available on our website. 
[1] IZEST International Zetta Exawatt Science and Technology

[2] XCEL Exawatt Center for Extreme Light Studies (XCELS)


From left to right :
Thierry Massard, Scientific Director at CEA-DAM
Alexander Litvak, Director of IAP-RAS
Jean De Gliniasty, Ambassador of France in Russia
Andreï Foursenko, former Ministor of Research and Education


Place(s) :

Ambassador's Residence             Embassy of France