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Joined IZEST - Helmholtz Beamlines Workshop - Darmstadt - Germany

The recent developments in high-energy high-power laser technology offer new experimental possibilities that had until now not been expected. The 3-days workshop (from April 24 to 25, 2012) aims at exploring synergies between the IZEST community and the wish of the plasma and atomic physics communities to couple lasers at the upcoming FAIR facility.

• High-energy high-intensity laser technology
• Plasma physics
• High field physics
• Atomic physics

Workshop committee:
G. Mourou, T. Tajima, G. Pretzler, D. Jaroszynski, G. G. Paulus, T. Stoehlker, A. Blazevic, T. Khl, V. Bagnoud, T. Cowan

Register for this Meeting, Important deadlines:
Registration opens: 19/02/2012
Hotel accommodation deadline: 18/03/2012
Registration deadline: 13/04/2012