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IZEST ELI-NP Conference "Extreme Light's New Horizons" - Embassy of Romania - Paris - France

From September 17 to 19, 2014
Fundamental High Energy Physics has been mainly driven by high energy fermionic colliding beam paradigm. Today the possibility to amplify laser to extreme energy and peak power offers a complementary new alternative underpinned by single shot, high field pulse, that we c ould call Laser-based Subatomic Physics to include High Energy Physics, Nuclear physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Relying on the most powerful lasers, PETAL-LMJ, CETAL and ELI-NP 10PW in Magurele Romania, IZEST and ELI-NP are extending the Extreme Light’s frontiers by many orders of magnitudes. As examples we are predicting the pulse duration to reach the zepto second limit. Akin, the peak power should reach the zettawatt and particle energy the PeV with TeV/m gradient. The new field could be christened zeptoscience with far reaching capabilities, like time-resolved zeptosecond dynamical spectroscopy in nuclear physics and vacuum reactions, production of giant particle acceleration to the level of TeV/m, understanding GRB, or Cosmic Acceleration, providing a way for High Energy Physics to go Beyond the High Energy Standard Model and revealing Dark Matter.

IZEST and ELI-NP have societal applications on the top of their agenda. A session will be devoted to the development of new laser architectures amenable to vastly improved performances in peak power average power and efficiency. They will make a reality marquee applications in environment, medicine, pharmacology, nuclear waste treatment, and space environment.
This conference will address the following topics:

 Nuclear Science and Applications with High Power Laser and Brilliant Gamma beams
 Laser-based astrophysics and cosmology
 Zepto second and Zettawatt science and technology
 Subatomic science and applications
 Radiation near the Schwinger field
 Nonlinear effects in Vacuum
 Dark energy and dark matter
 Laser for high field societal applications
 ICAN Applied to Space Science and Technology

Preliminary list of speakers :

Keynote speeakers :
George Smoot PN, U. of California, Berkeley - USA /U. of Paris Diderot - France
William Unruh, U. of British Columbia – Canada

Pisin Chen, National Taiwan U. - Taiwan
Nikolay Narozhny, MEPHI - Russia
Antonino Di Piazza, Max Planck Institute Heidelberg - Germany
Etienne Parisot, U.Paris Diderot – France
Toshiki Ebisuzaki, KEK – Japan
Joahan Rafelski, University of Arizona - USA
Julien Fuchs, Ecole Polytechique - France
Remo Ruffini, U. of Roma "la Sapienza » - Italy
Sydney Gales, ELI-NP – Romania
Alexander Sergeev, Applied Physics Institute, Nizhny Novgorod – Russia
Thomas Khul, GSI Darmstadt - Germany
Xavier Ribeyre, CELIA - France
Lance Labun, National Taiwan U. - Taiwan
Christophe Simon Boisson, Thales - France
Shih-Yuin Lin, National Changhua University of Education. - Taiwan
Toshiki Tajima, California University of Irvine - USA
Jean Luc Miquel, CEA - France
Stefan Weber, ELI Beamlines – Czech Republic
Gérard Mourou, Ecole Polytechnique - France
Oswald Willy, U. of Dussseldorf - Germany
Kazuhisa Nakajima, IBS-CoReLS – Korea
Nicolae Victor Zamfir, ELI-NP – Romania
Chang Hee Nam, CoRels - Korea
This conference is jointly organized by ELI-NP - Romania, the Embassy of Romania in France and IZEST - France.
Organizing Committee :
- Pisin Chen, Prof.
- Toshiki Tajima, Prof.
Director of LeCOsPa - Taiwan
Deputy Director of IZEST
- Sydney Gales, Prof.
- Ioan Ursu, Dr
Scientific Director of ELI-NP
Scientific Secretary ELI-NP
- Alina Huszar
- Victor Zamfir, Prof.
Premier Secrétaire - Embassy of Romania
Project Director of ELI-NP & IFIN-HH Director General
- Gerard Mourou, Prof.
 Director of IZEST
Secretaries :
- Anne-Claire Gauvin
- Catherine Sarrazin
Venue : Embassy of Romania in France - Hotel de Béhague - 123 rue Saint Dominique - Paris