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From Fundamental Physics to Societal Applications at the Embassy of France - Tokyo - Japan

From November 18 to 20, 2013 IZEST held its annual conference in Tokyo. Fundamental High Energy Physics has been mainly driven by the high-energy fermionic colliding beam paradigm. Today the possibility to amplify laser to extreme energy and peak power offers, in addition to possibly more compact and cheaper way to help HEP, a complementary new alternative underpinned by single shot, large field laser pulse, that together we could call (Laser-based) High Field Fundamental Physics. The main mission of the International center on Zetta-Exawatt Science and Technology (IZEST) is to muster the scientific community behind this new concept. As an example, we project to use the laser field to probe the nonlinearity of vacuum We envision that seeking the non-collider paradigm without large luminosity substantially shorten our time-lien; We further accelerate the time-line of the research by adopting the existing large energy laser PETAL-LMJ. The accelerated research on the non-collider paradigm in TeV and beyond could, however, stimulate innovation in collider thinking such as lower luminosity paths, novel radiation cooling, and gamma-gamma colliders. The advancement of intense short-pulsed laser energy by 2-3 orders of magnitude empowers us a tremendous potential of unprecedented discoveries. These include: TeV physics, physics beyond TeV, new light-mass weak-coupling field discovery potential, nonlinear QED and QCD fields, radiation physics in the vicinity of the Schwinger field, and zeptosecond dynamical spectroscopy of vacuum.

A large fraction of the presentations will deal with important real world applications made possible by the new program ICAN (International Coherent Amplification Network) focused on the generation of ultra high Intensity, high average power and high efficiency based on a fiber-based revolutionary laser infrastructure. Among the applications we will deal with Particle Collider, High-energy Astrophysics, Nuclear Transmutation, Proton Therapy, Proton Diagnosis, Nuclear Pharmacology, identification of Spent Fuel in general and Exposed one in particular (Fukushima), and Homeland Security

This symposium will take place at the French Embassy with the participation of the most prominent Asian laboratories in particle physics, and ultra intense lasers in Japan, Korea, Taiwanese, Chinese, India as well as European and USA.
This workshop is jointly organized by :
- Gerard Mourou, Prof. - Atsuto Suzuki, Prof.
Director of IZEST Director of KEK
Ecole Polytechnique - France Tsukuba - Japan
- Toshiki Tajima, Prof. - Mitsuaki Nozaki, Prof.
Deputy Director of IZEST Tsukuba - Japan
Ecole Polytechnique - France / UCI Irvine - USA - Evelyne Etchebéhère
- Jacob Levin, Prof.  Embassy of France in Japan
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development
University of Irvine - USA
 - Jacques Maleval
Embassy of France in Japan

CONSECUTIVELY to this symposium 2 satellites meeting will be held at the University of Tokyo on November 20, 2013; one will be devoted to 100 Gev Ascent and one to the C3.

Satellite meeting on 100 GeV ascent :
In the workshop on 100 GeV ascent, we will embody 100 GeV laser plasma electron acceleration experiment employing the CEA PETAL laser. Continuing the previous workshops at CEA Bordeaux and University of Strathclyde in 2012, we will confirm the progress and discuss the coming plan in depth on 6 working packages; managing & design, injector, plasma waveguide, diagnostics, integration & interaction and implementation. We will also discuss further organization of the international team for enhancing the progress of the project.
Organized by Professor Kazuhisa Nakajima, Project Manager

Satellite meeting on C3 :
In this satellite meeting plasma optics techniques for amplification, production and control of extreme power light pulses will be raised. We will report on C3 progress in its various areas within IZEST and would like to exchange ideas and explore further collaborations. Please mention your topic of interest when registering.
Organized by Julien Fuchs, Project Manager



Place(s) :
November 18 and 19 :
Embassy of France
4-11-44, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

November 20 :
University of Tokyo
5th Floor, Chemistry Bldg. Hongo Campus