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3rd IZEST meeting - LLNL - Livermore - CA - USA

From July 17 to 18, 2013 the workshop addressed both the development of novel exawatt and zettawatt laser technologies and the development of frontier, ultrahigh intensity science and applications.

Wednesday July 17, 2013

E. Moses Welcome to NIF, Ignition and NIF Science

Introductory session
G. Mourou IZEST perspectives and Update
K. Homma Update and opportunities with EW & ZW

Exawatt Laser Architectures session
A. Litvak / A. Sergeev Exawatt Center for Extreme Light Studies project (XCELS)
S. Gales ELI-NP Extreme Landscape of Subatomic Physics with High Power Lasers and Gamma beams
J. Zuegel Technology Development and Prospects for Exawatt-Class OPCPA Pumped by Omega EP

Accelerator concepts session
K. Nakajima 100 Gev Ascent and Application to a Laser-based Higgs factory
M. Roth Science for KJ short pulse lasers
R. Byer >250MeV/m gradient Demonstrated in Laser Driven Dielectric Accelerator
D. Umstadter Laser based acceleration today and tomorrow
M. Downer Quasi-monoenergetic laser-plasma acceleration of electrons to 2 GeV and beyond

Thursday July 18, 2013

Possibilities at the Intensity Frontiers
D. Strickland OSA & IZEST
T. Tajima IZEST perspective on the intensity frontier
G. Dunne Nonlinear QED and IZEST
T. Ebisuzaki Astronomical ZeV Acceleration in an Accreting Blackhole system
A. Arefiev Ultra-relativistic electron dynamics, radiation reactions and nonlinear QED on the Texas Petawatt Laser
F. Fillion-Gourdeau HEnhanced Schwinger pair production in many-center systems from resonance and effective charge effects
W. Chou Laser Application for Higgs Factory - HFiTT

Plasma architectures session
S. Suckewer SRBS Amplifier & Compressor for Ultraintense Fsec Laser
R. Kirkwood Producing High Energy ns Pump Beams for Raman Amplification of Short Pulses using SBS Beam Combination
N. Fisch SRS ideas
T. Kuehl Experiments towards high-efficiency high-power plasma amplification using existing resources and installations
B. Afeyan How to Scale the Intensity Wall of Ultra-High-Intensity-Laser Driven Laser-Plasma Scattering Instabilities Without Losing Your Footing in Reality

Related Initiatives
J.L. Miquel. PETAL : a multi-PW beam on LMJ facility
R. Li / Y. Leng Recent Progress on the  10PW laser Project at SIOM
C.H. Nam Ultrahigh Power Laser project at Gwangju Inst. of Science & Technology
G. Mourou Can the Futur of Accelerators Be Fibers ?