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Aiming to address the requirement of the future applications in high energy physics a consortium, joining the two ICFA and ICUIL communities, has decided to develop all together a new driver for particles acceleration. The approach that is proposed is based on a new concept of a fibre laser based solution for wakefield applications to high energy physics. To reach this goal, some of the best leading labs from these two communities have decided to joint their effort.
The project ICAN, object of the present proposal, is the first step of this long-term effort that will last 18 months. It will bring together the laser and fibre communities on one side and the high energy physics community on the other one. All of them will collaborate to the definition, conception, design and then realisation of this novel laser concept.

The ICAN project is funded by the EU FP7 programme, theme INFRA-2011-3.2.
Grant agreement #284437

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