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Agenda & Slides

Tuesday 13th November

08.30-09.00    Registration

Session 1: Welcome & Introduction to IZEST
09:00-09:20    Welcome and Introduction
09.20-09.55    G. Mourou: IZEST enabling technology
09.55-10.30    T. Tajima: High Intensity Laser's Ascent toward HEP/Fundamental Physics

10.30-11.00    Coffee and Posters

Session 2: Exa-Zettawatt Laser and Acceleration
11.00-11.40    E. Moses: NIF, Fusion and the Path to High Peak Power (to get more information please write here!)
11.40-12.20    A. Pukhov: Towards TeV electron acceleration
12.20-13.00    K. Nakajima: Laser-Plasma Electron Accelerators beyond 100 GeV

13.00-14.00    Lunch

Session 3: Dark Matter, Astrophysics, Beyond the Standard Model
14.00-14.40    K. Homma: Search for Low Dark Matter/Dark Energy Candidates by High-Intensity Lasers
14.40-15.20    E. Parizot: Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
15.20-16.00    A. Caldwell: Particle Physics at High Energies but Low Luminosities

16.00-17.00    Coffee and Posters

17.00-18.00    Keynote talk: Peter Higgs: The Higgs Boson
            Introduced by Gilles Cohen Tannoudji

19.30            Civic Reception and Banquet at the Trades Hall

Wednesday 14th November

Session 4: Exawatt and zettawatt lasers I
09.00-09:10    Introduction and welcome from Thierry Massard
09.10-09.40    D. Batani: Very high power lasers at Bordeaux
09.40-10.10    O. Tesileanu: Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP)
10.10-10.40    A. Litvak: Exawatt Prospect in Russia: XCELS

10.40-11.05    Coffee and Posters

Session 5: Strong fields and quantum effects
11.05-11.35    A. Di Piazza: Investigating the QED vacuum with ultra-intense laser fields (to get more information please write here!)
11.35-12.05    A. Fedotov: QED cascades and vacuum instability in a tightly focused ultra-intense laser field
12.05-12.35    R. Tucker: Testing non-linear vacuum electrodynamics
12.35-13.05    R. Bonifacio: Quantum effects in Compton Back-scattering with finite linewidth CANCELLED

13.05-14.00    Lunch

Session 6: Exawatt and zettawatt lasers II
14.00-14.30    R. A. Cairns: Raman Amplification in Plasma
14.30-15.00    D. Jaroszynski: Plasma as an amplifying medium - a new paradigm
15.00-15.30    S. Weber: Short Laser Pulse Amplification to Exawatt Intensities by Brillouin Backscattering (to get more information please write here!)

15.30-16.00    Coffee and Posters

Session 7: Plasma under extreme fields
16.00-16.30    H. Ruhl: QED Cascading CANCELLED
16.30-17.00    I. Sokolov / N. Naumova : QED and Semi-Classical Limits of the Radiation Back Reaction

17.00-17.45     Discussion

Thursday 15th November

Session 8: Exa-Zettawatt Laser technology
09.00-09:10    Introduction and welcome
09.10-09.30    G. Mourou: Strategy to reach Extreme High Peak Power and High Average Power with Efficiency
09.30-10.00    B. Brocklesby: ICAN : High energy, high average power pulsed lasers using optical fibers (to get more information please write here!)
10.00-10.30    TBC

10.30-11.00    Coffee

Session 9: Acceleration of Ions
11.00-11.30    X. Yan: Recent progress in the Studies of Laser Plasma Proton Acceleration
11.30-12.00    P. McKenna: Intense laser-solid interaction physics : Underpinning research for ion acceleration (to get more information please write here!)
12.00-12.30    O. Napoly: Relativistic Protons and their Applications

12.30-13.30    Lunch

Session 10: Nuclear physics
13.30-14.00    B. Carluec: Accelerator Driven Sub-critical Reactors
14.00-14.30    R. Hajima: Application of laser Compton scattered gamma-rays to nondestructive measurements of melted nuclear fuels at Fukushima Power Plant
14.30-15.00    C. Barty: Extreme Gamma-ray Sources (to get more information please write here!)

15.00-15.30    Coffee

Session 11: Medical applications
15.30-16.00    M. Wiggins: The laser-plasma wakefield accelerator as a source for medical applications
16.00-16.30    M. Borghesi: Present and future applications of laser-accelerated ions

16.30-17.00    Closing remarks

Friday 16th November

Tours of the ALPHA-X laboratory will be available for those delegates remaining in Glasgow on 16th November. Please enquire at the registration desk for details.