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Agenda and Slides (Palaiseau April 2014)

Monday April 28, 2014

09 :00 Registration
09 :15 P. Le Quéré, EP                      Welcome by the Deputy Director for research and education
09:25 G. Mourou, EP                         ICAN : from Atomic to sub-Atomic science and applications
09:45 J. Dudley, EPS                          ICAN A new regime for Laser Physics
09:55 M. Spiro, CEA                          ICAN High Energy Physics, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
10:15 B. Holzer, CERN                       CERN Needs for - Accelerators in - High Energy Physics
10:35 Coffee break
10:55 D. Payne, ORC                         ORC contribution to ICAN B
11:05 A. Tuennermann, FhG              Solutions with light ... overcome challenges and offer opportunities
11:20 A. Seryi, JAI                             Topics of ICAN-JAI mutual interest and possible contribution of JAI to ICAN
11:40 R. Aleksan, CEA                       Future colliders
12:00 Group Photo then Lunch
13:30 J. Biot, EP                                 President of Ecole Polytechnique, ICAN a federating concept
13:40 L. Corner, Oxford U.                 Laser plasma wakefield acceleration and ICAN
14:00 O. Napoly, CEA                         Proton acceleration and applications
14:20 V. Bychenkov, Lebedev I.          Laser-based proton sources for medical applications
14:40 S. Gales, ELI-NP                       Laser Driven Nuclear Science and applications at ELI-NP
15:00 I. Pomerantz, Tel Aviv U.          High power neutron source
15:20 S. David, IPNO, CNRS              Needs of external neutrons for fission-based reactors, waste transmutation and thorium cycle
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 S. Moustaizis, TUC                    ICAN : Neutral Beam Generation
16:20 A. Pukhov, Dusseldorf U.           Coherent acceleration by laser pulse echelons in plasma structures
16:40 P. Zeitoun, CNRS                       New paradigm for X-ray sources driven by ICAN lasers
17:00 N. Stepananko, ASML              ASML and EUV Lithography
17:15 V. Michau, ONERA                    The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT)
17:30 M. Quinn/R. Soulard, CEA         Application of ICAN to Space Debris Removal
17:50 R. Assmann, DESY                    EURONNAC
18:10 Adjourn

Tuesday April 29, 2014

Preparation HORIZON 2020 FET Open
A New laser Architecture for Nuclear and Particle Physics Application
Concept, Design, Prototyping

09:00  G. Mourou, EP                                Introduction - Objective and Strategy
09:10  W. Brocklesby, ORC                         ICAN - Fundamentals of high average power fs lasers
09:20  JC Chanteloup, CNRS /         ICAN P overview
           R. Soulard, CEA                 
09:25  * Y. Zaouter, Amplitude                   High Power Fiber
09:34  * P. Georges, IOGS                          Spectral Pulse Synthesis in ICAN
09:43  * M. Antier/A. Brignon, Thales        Thales R&T Contribution to ICAN - Highly scalable collective techniques for coherent Massively
                                                                    phased fiber beam locking and combining
09:52  *  L. Lombard, ONERA                    Massively Phased fibers Phase Noise - collective phase & Sync
10:01  * J. Nilsson, ORC                              High-brightness tandem-pumping for high-energy, high-power chirped pulse amplification

10:10 Coffee break

10:25  J. Limpert, FhG                                           ICAN DPA Overview
           * T. Eidam, FhG
           * T. Schreiber, FhG                           Enabling technologies to push the upper limits

11:15  A. Sergeev, IOP                                             Multimilijoule Level in Tapered Yb-Doped Fibers

11:30 Round Table (F. Salin) What can Industry do for ICAN ?
* F. Salin EOLITE                                          ICAN, an industrial view
* E. Mottay, Amplitude Syst.                       High Power Fiber : Performance and Cost
* D. Mechin, PERFOS                                   Developping Custom Microstructured Fibers for your application
* H. Gouraud, photline                                  Photline technologies
* P. Dupriez, Alphanov                                 Components
* S. Norman, SPI                                          Volume manufacturing
* C. Simon-Boisson, Thales                          Massive Integration

12:20 Lunch

13:30  * Concept, Prototyping, timeline
             * Identifying tasks, workpackages

15:10 Scheduling next meeting for submission preparation

15:15 Conclusion by B. Holzer, G. Mourou, D. Payne, A. Tunnermann

15:30 End of the workshop

The program in pdf !