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Full-time Monge Assistant Professor Position In Foundations of Computer Science

Application deadline: March 15th 2023

Starting: September 1st 2023


The Department of Computer Science of École Polytechnique invites applications for a Monge Assistant Professor1, carrying out a research project in all the areas in foundations of computer science.

We are looking for an excellent junior researcher in computer science - at the best international level, attested by publications in the best journals and conferences of his/her field. The candidate is expected to present a detailed scientific project demonstrating how his/her research will strengthen one of the teams of the Computer Mathematics or Proofs and Algorithms poles of our Computer Science laboratory (LIX). The research areas of the candidate can thus be (but are not limited to): algorithms, combinatorics, computer algebra, concurrency, logic, optimization, type theory.

On the teaching side, the candidate should be able to contribute to core computer science curriculum (bachelor and first years of the Polytechnic engineering cycle), as well as advanced research-oriented courses, by integrating into the existing teaching teams. The ability to develop project-based teaching, enabling to strengthen links between teaching, research and applications will be highly appreciated. Being fluent in French is a plus, but not required.

École Polytechnique offers an exceptional environment, with excellent students, an adapted teaching load, and administrative, financial and scientific support from the DIX department and the LIX Laboratory. Moreover, the candidate will benefit from a welcome package including reduced teaching load for the three first years and financial support for a PhD thesis.

Applications must include the following documents: CV, research and teaching statements, and three reference letters. They must be submitted on line through the École Polytechnique website by March 15, 2023, and interviews will be planned mid-May.

The candidate is strongly encouraged to contact members of the department prior to the application, to discuss and refine his/her teaching and research projects :
Samuel Mimram (Nous contacter), Président of DIX, about teaching,
Gilles Schaeffer (Nous contacter) , Director of LIX, about research,
Olivier Bournez (Nous contacter), in charge of the Proofs and Algorithms pole, or Grégoire Lecerf (Nous contacter), in charge of the Computer Mathematics pole.

1.Assistant professor positions are full-time positions dedicated to young researchers with a PhD, such as post-doctoral students.
These positions are similar, in terms of teaching duties, to those ofMaˆıtre de conf´erences in French Universities. A prior qualification of the applicant by the national CNU is however not required. Monge positions are full-time tenure track faculty positions, in the form of a three-years contract renewable once. The Monge faculty member is expected to defend his Habilitation `a diriger les recherches before coming up for tenure. After 6 years, the holder shall be promoted as Professor, provided that the evaluation of
his/her research, teaching, and related activities is positive.