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3 Part-time assistant professors in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at École Polytechnique welcomes applications for three part-time assistant professors in Computer Science, starting September 2020.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D., and should have demonstrated great ability in research and teaching. They must be able to contribute to computer science education at all teaching levels (Bachelor, Engineering degree, Master of Science and Technology). They will have to show integration in the teaching teams of the basic and more specialized computer courses. Their ability to contribute to project-based teaching and to strengthen the links between teaching, research and applications will be an important selection criterion. Candidates that would be able to develop courses in computer architecture, operating systems and compilation would be particularly appreciated. The Assistant Professor positions are analogous to the « Maître de Conférences » positions in French Universities. The part-time assistant professors have a permanent job either in academia or in the industry.

To prepare the teaching and research apsects of their application, respectively, candidates are invited to contact Marie-Paule Cani - mandated by the DIX (CS department), and Gilles Schaeffer Director of the LIX (Research lab).

The deadline for submission of application files on the School's Internet site is March 23, 2020 Online application.

Auditions are scheduled between May 11 and 20, 2020.