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Strategies, structuring and the regulation of markets

This research program studies the interactions between these three dimensions: strategies, structuring and the regulatory framework of markets. Research is being conducted around concepts (coopetition, the restructuring of regulation, stabilization and market destabilization, intermediation, collective strategies, organizational disasters) around business objects (networks, security, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, technological mega projects, mergers and acquisitions) - and sectors and markets (defense industries, air traffic control in Europe, electricity, water, transport, oil, humanitarian logistics).

On the study of strategies, the focus has been on coopetition strategies (companies that  simultaneously develop strategies of competition and cooperation with their rivals, and the combination of individual and collective strategies.

The structuring of markets is discussed as an effect of the strategic action of creativity in firms. The issue is addressed for example in terms of creating markets, in particular through an analysis of network industries in Europe (in sectors of energy and transport). It is also through the consideration of managing risks related to natural disasters and major technological systems, as well as entrepreneurship in Africa.

The theme of regulation has developed from an interdisciplinary questioning of the very notion of rules. Classical forms of regulation were discussed (the regulation of competition) and less traditional forms, for example those made from soft law, as part of regulations devoted to corporate social responsibility or sustainable development. The role of meta-organizations (organizations whose members are organizations) has been a particular subject of investigation in this theme.

AEGIS, serving as a transverse axis is an interdisciplinary project that brings together researchers and doctoral students from different institutions. It organizes international seminars, writing workshops, and publishes an electronic newsletter, The Libellio. In recent years thematic reflections were conducted (on rules, on the notion of borders, and on accountability), in addition to epistemological and methodological reflections for a comprehensive approach.



Chamaret Cécile

Dumez Hervé

Jeunemaitre Alain

Rayna Thierry

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Chiambaretto Paul

Lehiany Benjamin

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Anisimov Ariadna

Löfgren Lars

Taye Brook





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