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Information and communications technology: Organizations and markets

This research program focuses on the economic and organizational structuring and dynamics that accompany the development of ICT and the Internet throughout the economy.

The first theme focuses on the business environment and different market contexts. It particularly focuses on the characterization of new business models. By the 90’s, the work of CRG identified major phenomenon in the layers of different economic models within the same industrial sectors and online markets. These results were used to analyze strategic movements and reconfigurations of value chains in different sectors (search engines, Internet of Things, press, book music, audiovisual) and the novel forms of intermediation that constitute it.

The second theme focuses on creative industries and the organization of creativity as a source of competitiveness. Work in traditional activities like online services have analyzed the detection and development of "projects" and "talent", brand management, and the declination of creative programs and editorial lines. It is based on a specific managerial paradigm in the management of creative activities, to investigate industrial policies and ideas of entrepreneurship.

The third theme focuses on R & D and innovation ecosystems. Here it takes a look at start-ups, as creative industries are based on a particularly dense network of SMEs built around a framework of industrial partnerships. In this context, the development of innovations is based on an interesting articulation of failures at several levels: technology infrastructure, technological support, support materials, and creative projects. The economic and strategic literature further considers these configurations and goes beyond the framework of industrial clusters marked by a lack of investment in upstream R & D.

The final theme is on internet and ICTs, and the role of public actors in modifying the terms of economic regulations. Instability of the structures of these markets are redefining the traditional forms of intervention through use of: innovation incentives, valuation of intangible assets, the prevention of opportunistic behavior in competition and more.



Benghozi Pierre-Jean

Chamaret Cécile

Rayna Thierry

Associated Researchers

Dalle Jean-Michel

Paris Thomas

PhD Students

Mano Mattias





Chaire Innovation et Régulation des Services Numériques

GIS Culture/Médias  et Numérique

Institut de la Société Numérique (Saclay)


Master IREN

Selected Publications

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BENGHOZI Pierre-Jean & SALVADOR Elisa (2014) "Are traditional industrial partnerships so strategic for research spin-off development? Some evidence from the Italian case", Entrepreneurship & Regional Development , Vol. 26, N° 1-2, pp. 47-79.

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