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Ecole de Paris du Management

A forum where we encourage dialogue between scientists and laymen!

Created by Michel Berry in 1993, this institution is very unique. It has neither a teacher nor students as it does not issue diplomas. It does not even put forward a school of thought, or at least it is not defined by specific concepts. Instead it acts an open place of sharing, to put in practice the research and knowledge, and most importantly, encourage dialogue between researchers and laymen. The principle is simple: someone is invited who has things to say about the management of any kind of organization (business, government, association, band, Polar Expedition, etc.), and brew discussion for two or three hours. These debates are organized during the:

  • Monthly Seminar Business Life
  • Monthly Seminar Technological resources and innovation
  • Creation Seminar
  • Economics Seminar and meaning
  • Seminar industrial Adventures
  • Five annual debate evenings: The guests of the School of Paris

These free and open debates are held about 2-3 times a month. The exchanges are tracked in reports producing stimulating reading, which you can find in a journal, Annals, books, or directly through the site web. Podcasts of some debates are also available.

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