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Launched in 2005, Aegis (Economic Analysis and Manager Institutions and Strategies) is a research program which brings together on a regular basis about twenty researchers and PhD students from Polytechnique and other research institutions.

The program is designed as a collective forum for research and scientific production. It is divided into four types of devices:

  • Thematic actions choose a crosscutting theme and are aimed at the production of records or collective books: borders, "accountability" rules.
  • Seminars bring together French researchers such as Michel Callon, Olivier Favereau, Paolo Napoli as well as researchers outside France including Paul Duguid, Denis Galligan, Michael Jacobides and more.
  • Workshops in small groups to enhance writing material and bibliographies.
  • A quarterly electronic publication, The Libellio. Created in December 2005, Le Libellio is an electronic publication compiled of: reports on books, research articles, papers on methodology and specific issues of management, while also publishing thematic papers on more general topics in the social sciences. It publishes texts in French and English.


Hervé Dumez