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Graduate degree

Le département HSS participe au Graduate degree de l'Ecole polytechnique en proposant les séminaires suivants:


HFC552 - Aspects of comparative commercial law


Aspects of comparative commercial law

The aim of this course is to examine one or more areas of commercial law from a comparative perspective, that students can recognise comparative law issues when they arise in commercial law and are able to analyse those issues using the conceptual tools of comparative law. Based on a comparative analysis this course will  include aspects of corporate laws in civil and common law countries, international buisiness transactions, disputes resolution as well as the contract laws of different countries.


HFC562 - Introduction to French Politics


The French political system and French politics in foreign affairs.

The purpose of this course is to make you familiar with the recent history of France, the French political system and the French position in international affairs. Our method to acquaint you with it, is to link analyses about France within a large point of view about the evolution of western democracies and also to link academic analysis with the day-to-day of current affairs.


HFC652 - Building the French Nation under conflicting identities. Religion, Politics and Culture from the Old Regime to Our Time


Building the French nation under conflicting identities, religion, politics and culture from the Old Regime to our time

The course is designed to study the national building of France in the Modern Times. An emphasis will be put on the conflicting identities between the old definition of a monarchical and catholic Nation and the new civil identity based on a secular state (the “republican model”). The course will specifically study the changing character of the French “laïcité” (secularism). The program also includes various examples taken from the history of the French colonial empire (especially the case of Algeria and of the French Antilles).


HFC662 - Foresight in business and society


Foresight in business and society

Foresight in business enables decision makers to spot emerging opportunities and threats early and develop innovative responses to serve changing needs. Foresight in Business & Society is a course that challenges students to engage in the process of identifying and evaluating major issues, trends and uncertainties impacting business and society in the future and to explore potential business...