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21-22 June – Sapienza University of Rome
P.le Aldo Moro,5 | Faculty of Letters and Philosophy

Thu. 21st June

11.00 SESSION 1 - Chair (Vincent Martigny)

· Oliver Zimmer (Oxford University), The end of the Space Age? Why nationalism keeps selling
· Jaime Lluch (University of Puerto Rico), The market and the strategies for secessionism and
non-secession adopted by substate national movements
· Carsten Humlebæk (Copenhagen Business School), Nation-building and nation-branding,
friends or foes?

12.15 SESSION 2 - Chair (Luís Tomé)

· Christian-Pierre Ghillebaert (University of Lille), Quenching a thirst for nationalism: the
incidental role of traditional taverns in the expansion of Flemish nationalism
· Zaheer Kazmi (Queen's University Belfast), Islamism beyond nationalism. The transnational
ideology of free market Islam
· Alfred Tovias (Hebrew University), Are single supranational markets being questioned? The
case of economic diplomacy in contemporary Portugal

15.00 SESSION 3 - Chair (Daniele Conversi)

· Joel Chong (SOAS), Material Nationalism: Envisioning the Post-Cultural Nation
· Thomas Richard (Auvergne University), Selling the nation: national narratives in museum
shops in the Middle East;
· Szabolcs Pogonyi (CEU, Budapest), The return of the national in the age of global markets

16.15 SESSION 4 - Chair (Vincent Martigny)

· Daniele Conversi (University of Basque Country), Markets, nationalism and the
· Thomas Jeffrey Miley (University of Cambridge), State, Nation and the Market in the era of
neoliberalism, the war on terror, and the Anthropocene
· Peter Rutland (Wesleyan University), The political economy of nationalism in the 21s century

Fri. 22nd June
10.00 SESSION 5 - Chair (Giuseppe Motta)

· Mateo Ballester Rodriguez (Complutense University, Madrid), Xenophobia and economic
protection as major factors in the early development of the Spanish national identity
· Marius Benta (George Barițiu History Institute), How to build walls that sell. Notes on the
commodification of national identity
· Vincent Martigny (Ecole polytechnique, Paris), Cultural nationalism and the Market in France:
An Ambivalent Relationship

11.30 SESSION 6 - Chair (Andrea Carteny)

· Philip Dingeldey (Greifswald University), Rousseau, Fichte and the Possibility to Control the
· Edward Quish (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York), New Capitalism, democracy and the
cooperative commonwealth: The foundations of populist thought in the United States, 1866-
· Filipe Vasconcelos Romao (Autonomous University of Lisbon), The economic crisis and the
national cleavage in Catalonia
· Daniel Pommier (Sapienza University of Rome), Oil and Homeland: nationalistic discourse on
market integration
· Rana Daroogheh (Durham University), The Commercialization of National Heritage: The
Iranian Case Study

14.45 SESSION 7 - Book panel

· Informal Nationalism After Communism: The Everyday Construction of Post-Socialist
Identities (I.B.Taurus 2017)
· Identity and Nation Building in Everyday Post-Socialist Life (Routledge 2018)
eds by Abel Polese, Jeremy Morris, Emilia Pawlusz, Oleksandra Seliverstova
· Participation of the editors and authors.