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Sujets de recherche

Pour donner une idée de la variété des sujets de recherche abordés par les étudiants du master Physique des hautes énergies, voici une liste des thèses de master soutenues récemment par les étudiants du M2 de l'École polytechnique (entre parenthèses sont listés les responsables de stage ainsi que les laboratoires d'accueil):


- David Adame-Carrillo, Towards extended minimal models in conformal field theory (S. Ribault, CEA/IPhT)
- Marie Bachmayer, Search for the charged lepton flavor violating decay B 0 → K ∗0 τ ± μ ∓ (F. Polci, LPNHE)
- Majdouline Borji, Perturbative renormalization of lattice regularized φ_4^4 theory with flow equations (Ch. Kopper, CPHT)
- Sjoerd Bouma, Decay constants and masses of b quarkonia from N f = 2 Wilson-Clover ensembles (B. Blossier, LPT Orsay)
- Peng Cheng, Geometrical aspects of quantum String and M theory (R. Minasian, CEA/IPhT)
- Alberto Giampaolo, Study of neutron tagging for supernova relic neutrino searches at super-Kamiokande (P. Paganini, LLR)
- Linghua Guo, Optimization of selection for resonant di-higgs analysis in bbγγ final state with the ATLAS experiment (D. Delgove and M. Escalier, LAL)
- Giulia Isabella, Modern S-Matrix Methods for Higher Spin Theories (A. Falkowski, LPT Orsay)
- Robert Knighton, Extended Symmetries of Black Hole Horizons and Soft Hair (A. Puhm, CPHT)
- Jonas Kunath, Inclusive Higgsstrahlung cross section measurements with the new reference sample method (J.-C. Brient, LLR)
- Botao Li, Beyond-Metropolis Markov chains: From the foundations to applications (W. Krauth, LPS ENS)
- Luka Selem, Étude de la polarisation des bosons vecteur dans le canal W Z au LHC avec l’expérience ATLAS (E. Sauvan, LAPP Annecy)
- Guillaume Trojani, Stochastic Gravitational Waves (K. Benakli, LPTHE)


- Rahul Balasubramanian, Charmed mesons in lattice QCD to probe new Higgs bosons (B. Blossier, LPT Orsay)

- Guillaume Falmagne, Study of Bc production in PbPb collisions with CMS (F. Arleo, R. Granier de Cassagnac, LLR)

- Baptiste Faure, Physics of giant star forming regions inside primordial galaxies (F. Bournaud, CEA/SAp)

- Ana Garbayo Peón, Information paradox in flat spacetime and in AdS/CFT (M. Guica, CEA/IPhT)

- Giulio Isacchini, (Machine) learning how the retina encodes visual stimuli (T. Mora, LPS ENS)

- Anastasia Kotsokechagia, Jet pile up optimization and module qualification for the future ATLAS tracker (D. Varouchas, LAL)

- Osmin Lacombe, Fayet-Iliopoulos terms in supergravity and their consequences on supersymmetry breaking and inflation (I. Antoniadis, LPTHE)

- Dung Le Anh, Diffraction in high-energy onium-nucleus scattering and structure of partonic evolution (S. Munier, CPHT)

- Andrew Lifson, NLL Lund-Plane Distributions for Quark- and Gluon-Initiated Jets (G. Soyez, CEA/IPhT)

- Elie Mounzer, Quantum toroidal algebras and their representations (R. Zegers, LPT Orsay)

- Jacques Muller, Airborne inter-calibration of H.E.S.S. telescopes (M. de Naurois, LLR)

- Pablo San Miguel, Betatron radiation in PWFA (S. Corde, LOA)

- Philipp Windischhofer, Bayesian categorization of Higgs boson events in the four-lepton final state with the CMS Experiment at the LHC (R. Salerno, LLR)


- Christina Agapopoulou, Performance Studies for the High Granularity Timing Detector of the ATLAS experiment (N. Markovec, LAL)

- Nadeszda Chernyavskaya, Vector Boson Fusion production of Z and Higgs bosons in dilepton and bb final states with the CMS experiment at LHC (P. Azzurri, R. Salerno, LLR and CERN)

- Giuliano Giacalone, Signature of gluon saturation from di-hadron azimuthal correlations in dilute-dense collisions in the ITMD factorization framework (C. Marquet, CPHT)

- Bianka Mecaj, The large next-to-leading order electroweak correction to ee -> tt (E. Kou, LAL)

- Jonas Rembser, Studies of Pileup Extrapolation at the CMS-High Granularity Calorimeter at Trigger Level (J.B. Sauvan, LLR)

- Jeong Yeon Yook, Loop calculations in the Standard Model effective field theory (A. Falkowski, LPT)


- Dominic Beck, Delensing for CosmicMicrowave Background B-Mode Polarization Measurements (R. Stompor, J. Errard, APC)

- Chris Beekman, Positron Acceleration using Plasma Wake fields (Sébastien Corde, SLAC and LOA)

- Yifan Chen, Two goldstinos couplings in the non-linear MSSM (Emilian Dudas, CPHT)

- Andrea Dei, The quantum structure of black holes (Iosif Bena, IPhT)

- Saunak Dutta, Dark Matter: Distributions, candidates, production mechanisms and detections (Geneviève Bélanger, LAPTh Annecy)

- Dongsheng Ge, Kubo Fomulas and Dissipation in Supersymmetric Hydrodynamics (Giuseppe Policastro, LPTENS)

- Joscha Knolle, NMSSM Interplay between LHC and Dark Matter (Sophie Henrot-Versillé, LAL)

- Ioannis Lavdas, Flux Compactications and Superconformal Manifolds (Costas Bachas and Jean Iliopoulos, LPTENS)

- Benoît Rossignol, The radion at LHC: a candidate for the diphoton excess (Grégory Moreau, LPT Orsay)

- Daniele Ruini, Study of the High Granularity Timing Detector with electrons in simulation (Dirk Zerwas, LAL)

- Tim Schneider, Proton minibeam radiation therapy using the pencil beam scanning technique (Annalisa Patriarca, Catherine Nauraye, Institut Curie et Centre de protonthérapie d'Orsay)

- Janeth Valverde, Characterisation of B2 1215+30 at gamma-ray energies with Fermi (Deirdre Horan, LLR)

- Olivier Volcy, Simulation de la production au J-PARC du faisceau de neutrinos de l'experience T2K (Michel Gonin et Thomas Mueller, LLR)


- Soumangsu Bhusan Chakraborty, Gauged supergravity (Nicholas Malmagyi, LPTHE)

- Oleh Fedkevych, Study of the neutralino annihilation into a pair of gluons within the MSSM framework (Michael Klasen and Karol Kovarik, Münster)

- Kyle Kalutkiewicz, Naturalness Without Colored Partners (Adam Falkowski, LPT Orsay)

- Mariia Kostina, Study of the secondary electrons from wire electrode system of KATRIN main spectrometer (Christian Weinheimer and Jan Behrens, Münster)

- Chrysoula Markou, The coupling of Nonlinear Supersymmetry to Supergravity (Ignatios Antoniadis, LPTHE)

- Kin Mimouni, Precision constraints on BSM dimension-six operators (Adam Falkowski, LPT Orsay)

- Mukharbek Organokov, Calibration of the L1 trigger of the CT5 telescope of the HESS experiment (Jean-Francois Glicenstein, IRFU)

- Thomas Spieker, Search for sgluons at the LHC (Dirk Zerwas, and Sophie Henrot-Versillé, LAL)

- André Govinda Stahl Leitón, Preparation of the measurement of charmonia in 2015 PbPb CMS data (Émilien Chapon
and Raphaël Granier de Cassagnac, LLR)