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Program M1 at École polytechnique (2019-2020)

This program holds for the academic year 2019-2020. (The program for 2018-2019 is still available here).

The academic year is organised in 2 administrative semesters each amounting to 30 ECTS, and the courses are split in 3 periods.
Depending on the course, the teaching language is either English or French [it may be specified on the course homepage; follow the links].


Core Subjects (2x4 ECTS - period 1):
Elementary particle physics (4 ECTS)
Introduction to relativistic field theory (4 ECTS)

Optional Subject (1x4 ECTS - period 1):
Stellar astrophysics (4 ECTS) [recommended]
Quantum optics: lasers (4 ECTS)
Quantum physics of electrons in solids (4 ECTS)

Training Subjects (1x4 ECTS - period 1):
Symmetry groups in subatomic physics (4 ECTS) [recommended, mandatory if Stellar astrophysics not chosen]
Numerical physics (4 ECTS)
Cosmology (4 ECTS)

Language (2 ECTS - period 1):
Foreign language (2 ECTS), default English (french native speaker) or French (non french native speaker)

Core Subjects (2x4 ECTS - period 2):
Quantum field theory 1 (4 ECTS)
Advanced particle physics (4 ECTS)

Optional Subjects (1x4 ECTS - period 2):
General relativity (physics) (4 ECTS) [recommended]
Quantum optics 2: photons (4 ECTS)


Training Subject (1x4 ECTS period 2):
Experimental aspects in subatomic physics and astrophysics (4 ECTS) [recommended, mandatory if General relativity (physics) not chosen]
Black holes, neutron stars and associated phenomena (4 ECTS)

Internship (1x26 ECTS, period 3):
Fields, particles, matter (26 ECTS)
Astrophysics and cosmology (26 ECTS)