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Professor Nicolás Wschebor will lecture on effective theories at Polytechnique

Professor Nicolás Wschebor, from the University of the Republic of Uruguay in Montevideo, is an expert of effective field theories. He will spend the Winter 2017-2018 at École polytechnique as a Distinguished Visiting Professor.

During his stay at École polytechnique, his group will be hosted by the Centre de Physique Théorique (CPHT) and will collaborate with members of the particle physics group, in particular on the study of infrared aspects of non-Abelian gauge field theories using a novel perturbative approach. His high-level and broad expertise on the functional renormalization group, a definitely interdisciplinary theoretical tool, will also help to trigger new collaborations with other members of the theory department.

Professor Wschebor will lecture at M2 level on effective field theories in statistical mechanics, focussing on the relations with high-energy physics. His course will be complementary to the quantum field theory courses, and will in particular cast a new light on the central concept of the renormalization group. The Higgs phenomenon, which leads to the breaking of the electroweak symmetry in particle physics, will be reviewed in the context of the general theory of phase transitions, and analogies with e.g. the superconductivity phenomenon in condensed matter physics will be highlighted.

After his bachelor in Montevideo, Nicolás Wschebor came to Paris for his master's degree in theoretical physics, which he earned from École Normale Supérieure in 1999. He subsequently prepared his PhD at LPT/Orsay, and then moved to IPhT/Saclay for a postdoc. Since 2003, he is back at University of the Republic in Montevideo as a Professor.