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New program: Corporate Strategy for New Markets

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The term “disruption” has become a buzzword for many, but there is no other way to describe how a series of newcomers have transformed the very markets in which they operate. Often making their competitors obsolete overnight, or driving drastic changes to their business models. This has been the case with Uber in the transport sector, Airbnb in the hospitality industry or Google in the world of online search and advertising.

The size and impact of these companies – and, in Google’s case, the diversification of their activities – would have seemed impossible a little over a decade ago. However, in this new reality situations in which technological innovation creates business and/or market discontinuity abound, and all levels of industry feel the pace accelerating.

New models and comprehensive strategies are needed to account for these rapidly transforming markets where technological innovation provides the means to disrupt and succeed. Where traditional tools prove insufficient, a new approach based on quantitative understanding is essential to yield better insights and to do so more quickly.

The Corporate Strategy for New Markets Graduate Degree is a two-year English-language program in the tradition of École Polytechnique’s excellence in the applied sciences. The program involves applying advanced quantitative methods to the study of new and transforming markets and their competitive environments, allowing for a truly economics-based interpretation of corporate strategy.

For those with a strong mathematical background, an interest in economics and are looking to use their technical skills in strategy and leadership-oriented roles, this degree will provide the know-how to navigate the trends shaping the 21st century digital economy.

Find out more about the Corporate Strategy for New Markets Graduate Degree here.