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New program: Connected Objects for a Digitised Society

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Important: Previously entitled "Connected Objects for a Digitised Society (CO4DiS)", the program Internet of Things: Innovation & Management Program has been restructured in order to integrate more management component and broaden the scope of career outcomes. Please contact us if you have any questions about this change. 

A dedicated connected objects program for École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique’s Connected Objects for a Digitized Society (CO4DiS) Graduate Degree is a two-year English-language program focused on connected objects and their impact on the overlapping sectors of industry, business and technology.

A comprehensive program for a transformative sector

As connected objects become increasingly ubiquitous, the data they generate connects previously separate domains with the potential to disrupt traditional business models and social habits alike. As a result, their design and application must take a wide variety of factors into account beyond technical feasibility.

Applying the École Polytechnique’s trademark multidisciplinary approach, the CO4DiS program combines technical training in electronics, communications and software with an in-depth study of the legal, social and economic contexts in which connected objects are now launched.

Specialized training tailored to industry demand

The CO4DIS program focuses on professional outcomes, so that students meet the growing industry demand for specific connected objects expertise upon graduation. Courses are taught by researchers from world-leading laboratories where several proprietary communications technologies have been created. Students will also benefit from co-tutoring opportunities with École Polytechnique partners such as CERN and Cisco Systems.

Parallel to coursework, students will undertake a two-year Graduate Project, working in teams to manufacture their own connected object, from ideation and design to pitching the finished product. Further professional insights into the connected objects landscape will be provided through on-campus master classes taught by leading industry, academic and regulatory figures.

Are you an aspiring engineer and/or entrepreneur with a strong STEM background and a passion for connected objects? Find out more about the IoT-IM Graduate Degree here.