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New MOOC "Study in France" opens on November 28

In accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, this MOOC taught in French (level B1/B2 independent user) is dedicated to students who wish to pursue their higher studies in France. This course offers an immersion into the world of students, thanks to course videos, texts on multiple formats, and some authentic movies and videos extracts about French or foreign students living in France.

Students who subscribe to this course will discover the French Higher Education system and the French way of life through its culture, literature, cinema, newspapers, televisions news, documentaries, language (standard and more informal). They will also have the opportunity to attend class and take notes, or learn about the French assessment system.

Week after week, students can work on their oral and written comprehension, but also on their oral and written communication skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary through different videos. Then, they will test their gained knowledge thanks to a lot of quizzes and short tests. Each week, discussions and debates will be organized on the discussion group.

Students will be able to progress at their own pace, and improve their oral and written French. At the end of this MOOC, students will have gained the required French language level to be able to follow any academic programs in the French Higher Education system, and they will also be prepared to adapt more easily to their new environment. Leaning goals are threefold: linguistic, cultural and practical.

Launch date on Coursera : November 28th 2016 !

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This MOOC is offered by the Department for Languages and Cultures at Ecole Polytechnique - Professors Julie André, Olivier Bertrand and Isabelle Schaffner