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International curriculum and 60 million euros to boost the growth of l’X

This new strategic plan positions l’X in a competitive condition with world's best institutions of science and technology.

The new strategic plan is the result of six months of work carried out jointly by l’X, its supervising Ministry and various stakeholders on the basis of recommendations of Attali report released in June 2015. In the context of globalization of higher education and research, several measures have been developed to meet the multiple challenges ahead.

With the support of its supervising Ministry, l’X adopts an international model to match the world's best universities’ of science and technology competition and curriculum. First key measure, the creation of a bachelor will allow École Polytechnique to recruit the best international students at the undergraduate level as well as French high school graduates who might have projected to study abroad. The application-based selection will respect the international standards, the tuition fees will be supported by a scholarship program. This fully taught in English multidisciplinary program should open in 2018 at the latest.

Furthermore, l’X announced the creation of new graduate degrees that will be open from the beginning of 2016 school year and will be also aligned on the international standards. The aim is to attract excellent international students by offering a selective, multidisciplinary and professional-oriented academic program. Several options, fully taught in English, will be offered in areas such as big data and connected objects and will complement more research-oriented, mutualized with Université Paris-Saclay, Master's programs.

In order to develop its international diversity, École Polytechnique, already placed at the 5th position among the most international universities according to the Times Higher Education ranking, has an ambition to increase the share of international students from 30 to 40%. The number of international Ingénieur Polytechniciens students will also grow from 120 to 150. Furthermore, the goal is to reach 50-60 % of international students in the new programs that will be launched (Bachelor and graduate degrees).

Besides reinforcing its international dimension, l’X will continue to work on increasing its diversity. The number of positions in the Ingénieur Polytechnicien program for applicants coming from the university system instead of preparatory classes will increase up to 50 in the next 5 years. In addition, a boarding school of excellence for scholarship holders will be created on the campus. Students will have access to the best preparatory classes located nearby, while being in a privileged working environment and having an Ingénieur Polytechnicien student as a tutor.

Confirming its support for the new strategic plan, the Ministry of Defense granted 60 million euros of extra-funding over five years, giving l’X stronger means to expand its academic programs offer in order to match its international competitors. École Polytechnique will thus hire new top-level, world-class faculty; the General Directorate of Armaments will also increase its investment in research related to sovereignty industries allowing l’X to strengthen its cooperation with institutions supervised by the Ministry of Defense and Defense-related research, such as ONERA.  

L’X will contribute to these growth efforts by developing its own resources, through tuition fees, creation of new research contracts or development of its Executive Education programs. It projects also to create new Research and Academic Chairs, take financial participation in its accelerated startups and strengthen the fundraising campaign led by the The École Polytechnique Foundation.

Jean-Yves le Drian, Emmanuel Macron and Thierry Mandon also mentioned the creation of a center of excellence bringing together Paris-Saclay selective grandes écoles, collaborating on four topics: teaching, research, internationalization and entrepreneurship.

For Jacques Biot, the President of École Polytechnique, “the support of our supervising Ministry allows us to take a decisive course. This new funding will allow us to increase our competitiveness and attractiveness, all while positioning l’X next to the world’s best institutions of science and technology.”