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EVENT - Will Smart Cities Help Reduce Inequalities

Patricia Crifo, head of the “Smart Cities and Urban Policy” Graduate Degree, will give the keynote speech at the conference on smart cities organized by Le Monde this month.

The ongoing digital revolution has changed the way we interact, move, work, and arrange our space profoundly. Consequently, urban spaces too are going through deep changes. Our cities are reaching a milestone, they have to adapt to the increasingly digitized World.

What social, political or technological innovations can come out of the digitization of our metropolitan areas? Will they trigger more social cohesion and environmental awareness? How can we use these mutations to reduce social, territorial, generational, and gender inequalities?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed during: “La smart city réduira-t-elle les inégalités?”, a day-long conference (in French) organized by Le Monde in Lyon on Thursday, May 17. Patricia Crifo, head of the “Smart Cities and Urban Policy” Graduate degree at École Polytechnique, will give the keynote speech of the event at 9am.

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