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Exploiting this vast and real-time data requires:

- an advanced understanding of the fields where this data can be applied to, in order to leverage these data and turn them into a market.

- a strong business mindset and strategic expertise to uncover and develop the new opportunities offered in the Big Data field.

- IT skills to take thoughtful decisions on IT architecture and systems.

The MSc Data Science for Business will equip you with this combination of knowledge and specialized skills. Taught jointly by Ecole Polytechnique and HEC, this program will give you the unique opportunity to study in two of the world’s leading institutions in both the engineering and business fields.

The program combines a scientific and a business approach to contemporary Data Science issues and challenges. The first year is spent at Ecole Polytechnique, with a strong focus on scientific and mathematic topics. The second year is spent at HEC Business School, where students are provided with the knowledge and skills in the business field. During these two years, students benefit from world class faculty and work with leading data scientists in specialized research units and a competitive environment.

To enter this program, prospective students must have a Bachelor degree in Science, Engineering, Business or Economics. A strong background in Mathematics (check the full requirement list here) is mandatory as they will deal with data pool and will learn mathematical techniques for extraction and data visualization.

Students will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the Data Science field and to gain valuable and various skills such as:

- in-depth understanding of databases and data analytics

- methods for processing vast amounts of information and data

- state-of-the-art computer and mathematical skills and techniques

- methodology to find practical applications of these data in the real industrial, business and research world.

The MSc Data Science for Business aims at equipping students with a dual competence, in both the scientific and business fields. This unique and double hatted skills set is tailored to the specific needs of the 21st century companies.


Applications for this program are now open. Further information about program details can be found on our partner’s website.




Application requirements: Click on this link to download the prerequisites in Mathematics and Computer Science.