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Internet of Things: Innovation and Management Program (IoT-IM) Master




At École Polytechnique, we firmly believe that solid technical and scientific know-how must be complemented by a thorough understanding of the economic, regulatory and societal context, in order to form a complete and competent engineer. The Internet of Things: Innovation and Management Program aims to provide such an understanding through the study of six thematic pillars and how they apply specifically to the world of connected objects:

> Electronics: objects, captors, sensors, and more
> Communications: connectivity, data transmission
> Software Systems: embedded systems, cloud and data exploitation
> Law & Regulation: intellectual property, individual rights & data protection
> Management & Economics: monetization of data, business models, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Strategy, Project management
> Society & Sociology: behavioral interaction, social changes

The coursework of your degree will allow you to study with faculty members and work in the very laboratories where several of the communication protocols used for smart grids and software systems were invented. Co-tutoring opportunities will be available with our valued research and industrial partners, including EDF R&D and Cisco Systems, the latter of which also sponsors the École Polytechnique “Internet of Things” Chair.



Bachelor's degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.
Candidates with other degrees may be considered, provided that they have a strong background in the above-mentioned subjects.


The IoT-IM Program offers two tracks: Entrepreneurship Track and Strategic Management Track.

Both tracks include a Graduate Project, undertaken in small groups, parallel to your coursework. The projects are performed under the supervision of a dedicated tutor, who will be able to provide guidance and advice as well as ensuring you benefit from his or her professional and academic network. According to the track that you choose, two options are offered:

- Entrepreneurship Project: You and your team will manage all the steps in the connected objects development process, from ideation to design to prototyping and pitching the finished product.Your project may be based on your team’s own creative ideas or from an area of interest suggested by one of our academic or industrial partners. This two year long graduate project will culminate in an academic defense in the form of a pitch and product launch.

- Strategic Management Project: During the first year, you and your team will work on a topic proposed by partner companies of École Polytechnique and addressing real IoT issues from and for real clients. You will be asked to assist the company in solving complex challenges and deliver strategic recommendations. You are also required to undertake a four to six-month work placement at a company in France or abroad, in the first and the second year.

Through our institution’s extensive network, additional insight will be gained from our series of Master Classes which invite leading industry, academic and regulatory figures to the campus to share their strategic vision through human-scale talks and conferences.


From mobile phones to watches, media platforms, utility grids and medical devices, connected objects are permeating all levels of industry and technology. As society becomes increasingly digitized, the data they generate enables new interactions and business models, with wide-reaching impacts on traditional economic systems and, even, social habits.

For 21st century companies, developing the strategies and skills required to make their products connected is imperative in order to avoid their own obsolescence. But how are those skills developed?

Whether a connected object is intended for mainstream consumption or a specific industry, companies face a wide range of questions beyond technical feasibility: what is the market potential for this object? Can it be assessed through Big Data analysis? Which selling price will ensure long-term profitability? What will be the costs of storing and analyzing the data generated by this object? How will this data be processed in compliance with the privacy and property laws of different countries and regions? What are the object’s potential impacts on its sociological and societal context? The success of a connected object depends on companies' ability to answer these questions right from the design stage.

The Internet of Things: Innovation and Management Program (IoT-IM) Graduate Degree is based on the Ecole Polytechnique’s trademark multidisciplinary approach and provides you with the necessary knowledge and expertise of the entire connected objects’ ecosystem - from the electronics to economics of connected objects. It is a complete program for future entrepreneurs, engineers and IT/IoT consultants with a passion for the internet of things, and the curiosity to investigate the many sectors that overlap within the field.