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Career Outcomes

The structure of the IoT-IM Graduate Degree has been designed to provide students with an optimal professional environment, ensuring you graduate from the program ready to launch your career in the world of connected objects.

For students choosing the Entrepreneurship Track, you will be an ideal candidate to join the latest IoT startup or leading technology company as soon as your degree is completed. As the degree’s Graduate Projects prepare you for every step in the creation of a new connected object, you will also be ready to launch your own startup.

For students opting for the Strategic Management Track, IT/IoT consultant is an obvious choice as first career step. You may also join digital divisions of multinational companies. The Company Project as well as the internships that you will undertake will give you many opportunities to build your own professional network. 

As you know, real expertise in connected objects is increasingly in demand with industry players large and small and wherever large-scale networks exist. French energy provider EDF, for example, is the world’s largest internet service provider (ISP), which may come as a surprise. However, through its subsidiary ERDF, a smart grid operator, it manages the world’s no.1 IPv6 network which pilots their smart grid.

The infrastructure industry’s use of connected objects has enabled it to stay at the forefront of smart grid management, while also inspiring its fair share of startups. Cisco Systems, a close partner of École Polytechnique and supporter of our research, holds a 30% share in the global router market and is heavily involved in the development of the connected objects sector. (more info)

Our location in the Paris-Saclay research and business cluster has developed a number of high-value partnerships with international companies which provide excellent opportunities for graduates. You will also benefit from the mentoring of engineers and scientists straddling the worlds of academia and industry and who are already working on the future of connectivity. Finally, like all of our graduates, you will have access to our rich alumni network and their professional contacts, located across France and around the world.

To find out more about career preparation that we provide, please visit our dedicated pages.