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Program structure


First period (mid-September to mid-December)

1. Three technical courses:

CHI555 : Environmental chemistry (6 ECTS)
CHI556 : Microbial ecology for environmental sciences (5 ECTS)
CHI557 : Analytical Chemistry 1 (5 ECTS)

2. One management course (3 ECTS): MIE1

Second period (January to March)

1. Three technical courses:

CHI566 : Water treatment (6 ECTS)
CHI567 : Environmental ecotoxicology (5 ECTS)
CHI568 : Exploration and statistical analysis of complex datasets (5 ECTS)

2. One management course (3 ECTS): MIE2

First & second periods

- One Foreign language module (French language module for non-speaking students) (3 ECTS)
- Two modules of Humanities and French Culture (3 ECTS)
- Sport (2 ECTS)
CHI515 : Personal scientific project (4 ECTS)
- Coriolis conferences
- Field trip and company visits

Third period (March to June)

4-month research or industrial internship (20 ECTS)

Total ECTS: 70