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Career Outcomes

Comprising high-value industrial partnerships, internships and international academic exchanges, the Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management (ECOSEM) Graduate Degree is designed to ensure you are ready for a new professional world upon graduation. It aims at producing project managers able to drive a wide variety of environmental challenges such as industrial discharge control, chemical and biological approaches for pollution diagnosis, water and soil treatment and waste valorization. It also emphases on new concepts such as life cycle assessment, eco-design, omics sciences, numerical simulation and modeling.

Today more than ever, the precautionary principle and the emerging related standards create an ever-increasing and permanent need for professionals with strong skills in environment management in corporate, research and public sectors. The considerable implication of industrial partners and environmental agencies in this degree will provide such skills and thus the ability to find employment in many lines of business.

ECOSEM graduates will be ideally suited to meet the needs for both technical know-how and managerial expertise, to implement environmental policies for leading manufacturers, innovative start-ups, public organizations and governmental agencies.

During the two-year program, you will have a wide range of opportunities to build relationships with École Polytechnique’s local and international industrial and research partners. The management skills you acquire will be a significant asset in your career progression.

The ECOSEM program may also constitute a gateway to a research career, with our proximity to numerous research institutions providing an ideal platform to pursue a PhD with funding from our industrial or academic partners.

For the internationally focused, the perspectives offered by the ECOSEM Graduate Degree naturally carry over to career opportunities around the world. Our international partnerships in industry and research sectors provide you with the perfect platform from which to launch your global career.

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Words from the experts

"At EDF, the sustainable energy producer, we are conscious about the environmental issues at stake in this new millennium and so are we convinced that degrees such as the ECOSEM Graduate Degree are necessary to prepare students for tomorrow’s job market". S. Kinani, project engineer/ EDF Expert

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SUEZ will offer internship opportunities to 2nd-year students of the Graduate Degree in Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management. Students will also be eligible to joining SUEZ’s Graduate Program: "Over a period of two years, you will complete four missions in different entities in France and abroad, during which you will discover new and different cultures, companies and activities, on permanent contract with an attractive salary."
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