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Career Outcomes

“The first class just graduated and most of them already have jobs. A number of them are working in banking or the financial sector, some are going to do M&A, venture capital or join private equity firms; some of them are working in the consulting sector, with a focus on data analysis, and others have found a job in the industry where they also use their data-analytics skills.” Marie-Laure Allain

The EDACF Master opens the door to wide range of professional opportunities. Corporate Finance, Consulting, and strategy management are just a few of the career paths our students can choose:

Corporate finance:

The Program offers many opportunities in corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, investment funds and business ventures (students take specialized classes in start-up valuation). [Promo qui vient de sortir : Joseph Henein contacté pour témoignage].


Our graduates are also hired by consulting firms. They receive training in both economic strategy analysis—particularly through an in-depth course in industrial economics—and data science studies geared towards the needs of consulting firms.

“I would personally like to go into strategic consulting. I think this program brings a lot in terms of what companies expect. I was accepted into a three-day camp with a consulting company in which we worked on cases with the consultants over three days. I was a fantastic experience to learn about the field. Without the Master I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to live such experience.” Lucas

In addition…

Our students are given a strong technical base in data science, with a number of them going on to become big data experts, working across a variety of fields. Some of them become strategic data analysts in a consulting company, while others opt for professions in industry, or in marketing. For many, the natural choice is to become a data analyst, but our students are also fully qualified for strategy-oriented careers. A position in strategy management within a company is therefore a logical medium- to long-term career choice.

Graduates of the Program can easily join any type of company, from start-ups to multinational corporations, in fields such as digital transformation, data science and strategy.

“I feel like I have a better choice for the companies after completing this program, and after studying in such a renowned university I feel like anything is possible.” Lucas

Of course, students also have the opportunity to pursue PhD study after completing their Master’s.