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Multidisciplinary à la française

Needless to say that developing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the most complex challenges in business and society will increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach. However we consider that being multidisciplinary is not just about combining one specific engineering field with management courses. All our academic departments work closely to develop programs that integrate the perspectives of a very wide range of science and engineering fields. For example, our program in Energy and Environment is offered jointly by the departments of Mechanics and Physics with the collaboration of the departments of Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Humanities.

As part of the requirements to complete the degree, you will carry out an interdisciplinary project in groups of four to six students under close faculty supervision for a full academic year or on a six-month basis. You will be trained in teamwork, leadership, communication and resource planning.  The topics for these projects are chosen by the students and may be undertaken in collaboration with one of our Research Center laboratories, an external research organization or a company.

The curriculum also includes compulsory modules in Humanities and languages. You will have the opportunity to choose topics such as Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, Literature, Art History,* etc. and to learn foreign languages (among which Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish). French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes are provided for international students whose native language is not French.


Chantal Schutz - The Languages and Cultures Department


Isabelle Schaffner - The Myth of Paris


Finally, you have to know that sports have always formed a very important part in students' education at École Polytechnique. “A sound mind in a sound body" is a well-known saying, especially in France and we truly believe that sports will help you develop qualities and skills such as sense of discipline, leadership, teamwork, spirit of healthy competition and fair play, confidence in oneself and ethics. As part of your course, you will have to dedicate between two to four hours per week to sports activities, to be chosen among 15.

We are confident that this unique learning environment will help you gain a broad set of interpersonal and intercultural skills.



Finally another reason why our degree is so unique is because… École Polytechnique is simply a unique place! Click here to find out what makes our institution so special!

Please note that the details and timing of each component may vary from one program to another. For more information, please see the description of the programs or contact either the Admission & Students Services Team or Faculty.


*: Please note this list is indicative of the structure of the degree and may be subject to change.