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Program Structure



The first part is concerned with building a common technical background for cybersecurity; adding security to this will be the task of the second period.

First period (mid-September to mid-December)

Four mandatory courses (4x4 ECTS)
INF557: From the Internet to the IoT: The Fundamentals of Modern Computer Networking
INF558: Introduction to Cryptology
INF559: A Programmer's Introduction to Computer Architectures and Operating Systems
INF571: Distributed Computing

Two optional courses:
INF553: Database Management Systems
INF554: Machine learning I

One management course (4 ECTS):
MIE556: Introduction to Marketing and Strategy

Second period (January to March)

Three mandatory courses:
INF568: Advanced Cryptology
INF565: Information Systems Security
INF586: Network Security

One optional course:
INF563: Introduction to Information Theory

One management course (4 ECTS):
MIE562: Case Study on Innovation

One Foreign language module (French language module for non-French speaking students) 3 ECTS
Two modules of Humanities and French Culture (HFC551, HFC552 ; HFC561 or HFC562) 3 ECTS
Sport 2 ECTS

Third period (March to June/August)

INF591: Research project or company internship 19 ECTS




Formal methods for security
Blockchain and applications
Steganography and Watermarking
Network Security
Side channels attacks
Auditing techniques
Security of Industrial Systems

6-month internship in a cybersecurity company 19 ECTS