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Program Structure



The first part is concerned with building a common technical background for cybersecurity; adding security to this will be the task of the second period.

First period (mid-September to mid-December)

Four mandatory courses (4x4 ECTS)
INF557: From the Internet to the IoT: The Fundamentals of Modern Computer Networking
INF558: Introduction to Cryptology
INF559: A Programmer's Introduction to Computer Architectures and Operating Systems
INF571 Distributed Computing

Two optional courses:
INF553: Database Management Systems
INF554: Machine learning I

One management course (4 ECTS):
MIE556 Introduction to Marketing and Strategy

Second period (January to March)

Three mandatory courses:
INF568: Advanced Cryptology
INF565: Information Systems Security
INF586: Network Security

One optional course:
INF563: Introduction to Information Theory

One management course (4 ECTS):
MIE562 Case Study on Innovation

One Foreign language module (French language module for non-French speaking students) 3 ECTS
Two modules of Humanities and French Culture (HFC551, HFC552 ; HFC561 or HFC562) 3 ECTS
Sport 2 ECTS

Third period (March to June/August)

Research project or company internship (INF591) 19 ECTS


Under construction for the year 2019.

The global orientation will be towards more specialized courses in cybersecurity, together with talks from experts.

Third period (March to June/August)

6-month internship in a company, in France or abroad 19 ECTS