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Program Structure

The program structure detailed below has been shortened. For in-depth information, we invite you to click here.

Based on your academic profile, you can submit your application either for Year 1 or Year 2.


All courses are 36h and will represent 4 ECTS. The two first courses for each period are mandatory. Each student should choose two courses among the three other ones. Besides, there is a mandatory MIE course in each of the first two periods.

Period 1

INF554 - Machine Learning I (Michalis Vazirgiannis, EP)
INF555 - Constraint-based Modeling and Algorithms for Decision Making Problems (new course, François Fages, Sylvain Soliman, Inria)
INF573 - Image analysis (Renaud Keriven, EP)
INF574 - Digital representation and analysis of shapes (Maks Ovsjanikov, Luca Castelli EP)
MAP555 - Signal and sound processing (Olivier Rioul, Telecom ParisTech)
MIE556 - Marketing and Strategy Introduction, P. Ginier-Gillet

Period 2

MAP569 - Machine Learning 2 (Stéphane Gaiffas, EP)
INF585 - Computer animation (new course, Damien Rohmer, EP)
INF562 - Algorithmic geometry: from theory to applications (Luca Castelli, EP)
INF584 - Image synthesis: Theory and practice (Tamy Boubekeur, Telecom ParisTech)
MAP566 - Statistics in action (Marc Lavielle, Inria)
MIE564 - Technology-based entrepreneurship and new business creation

Period 3

MAP/INF590 - Internship (4 to 6 months)




Pre-training period (September 2018)

MAP630 - Refresher in Statistics : statistical analysis, introduction to Machine Learning techniques (Pierre Latouche, CNRS)
INF630 - Refresher in Computer Science : C++ programming, basics of 3D modeling, algorithmic geometry and computer animation (Pooran Memari, CNRS and Damien Rohmer, EP)

Scientific courses, period 1 (October - December 2018)

MAP631 - Deep Learning (48h, 5 ECTS), Erwan Scornet (EP)
INF631 - Data Analysis : geometry and topology in arbitrary dimensions (24h, 2 ECTS), Steve Oudot (EP)
INF632 - Natural Language and speech Processing : from knowledge modeling to machine learning (24h, 2 ECTS), Chloé Clavel (Telecom ParisTech), Fabian Suchanek (Telecom ParisTech)
INF633 - Advanced 3D Graphics (24h, 2 ECTS), Marie-Paule Cani (EP), Julien Pettré (Inria)
INF634 - Computer Vision (24h, 2 ECTS), Renaud Keriven (EP & Bentley systems)


Transverse courses and projects (September 2018 to March 2019)

MIE630 - Seminar on ethical issues and novel applications of AI (3 ECTS): Every Tuesday, 2pm-3:30pm Students will be sensitized to ethical issues and law, and introduced to novel application of artificial intelligence and visual computing through a weekly seminar with key-note talks from both institutional and industrial partners.
MAP/INF630 - Transverse project (3 ECTS): Students will work half a day a week on a transverse project, corresponding to a challenging question either raised by an industrial partner or by a researcher in the domain spanned by the graduate degree.
Courses in humanities and sports (8 ECTS total)


Scientific Courses, period 2 (January - March 2019)

MAP641 - Reinforcement Learning (48h, 5 ECTS), Odalric-Ambrym Maillard (Inria Lille), Bruno Scherrer (Inria)
INF641 - Robot motion planning, verification and control of hybrid systems (24h, 2 ECTS), David Filliat (ENSTA), Eric Goubault (EP), Sylvie Putot (EP)
INF642 - Socio-emotional embodied conversational agents (24h, 2 ECTS), Catherine Pelachaud (CNRS - ISIR)
INF643 - Soft robots: simulation, fabrication, and control (24h, 2 ECTS), Christian Duriez (Inria Lille), Sylvain Lefebvre (Inria Nancy)
INF644 - Virtual/Augmented Reality & 3D Interactions (24h, 2 ECTS), Anatole Lecuyer and Maud Marchal (Inria)

Final project (April 2019 to September 2019) - 30 ECTS

MAP/INF690 - Internship: 5 to 6 months project, either in the R&D department of a company or in a research lab.