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Procedure & Deadlines

Applications are reviewed in rounds, 3 times a year.

The application deadlines for Fall 2019 are:

DECEMBER 15, 2018 (Applications will open on October 15)
MARCH 15, 2019 (Applications will open on January 15)
MAY 1, 2019 (Applications will open on April 1)

Please note that only students who apply in the first and second round of admissions can apply for a scholarship.


In this video, we give you all the tips to prepare a strong application for École Polytechnique's Master of Science and Technology.

Cristina Rotaru, Admissions Manager, and Léa Colomer, International Marketing and Promotion Manager, share advises about the application process and the interview:


The applications website will be open from October 15, 2018 to May 1st, 2019. You can initiate your application at any time during this period. However, you will only be able to finalize it within the above deadlines.

Decisions will be released 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline.

Kindly note that you can only apply for each program once per year.
You can apply to a different program. However, you are not allowed to submit another application for a  program which you have already applied to.

Please note that we do not offer spring term admission.

If you wish to apply for the joint degree program Data Science For Business, please note that applications must be submitted via our partner's website HEC. Read carefully the information on the application process and deadlines on their website.

For all the other programs, please read carefully the information on this page and follow the guidelines to successfully complete your application.

Start early as possible as it may take time to gather all supporting documents necessary to your application. 

1. Follow the steps below

> Create an account on our application website. Please use the same email address for your application and any enquiries to us. You can complete the application process in multiple sessions and in any order you choose.

> Fill in the online application form. (Printed copies of the application form are not available.) 

> Upload all the required documents. You do not need to send us any paper copies. 

Once you submit an application, you will not be able to access the online form again. If you see a mistake or wish to provide updated information or any additional documents, please contact us directly. 

2. List of supporting documents required

 No paper copies are needed for the admission review process. If you are admitted, you may be required to submit official or certified hard copies before the start of the program. Supporting documents include:

> Scanned copies of transcripts of all previous post-secondary education (including exchange programmes and programmes you did not complete)

> Official document or letter from your university explaining the grading and ranking system

> For completed programs: scanned copies of degrees

> For programs still in progress: certificate of enrolment by your home university stating the title of the expected degree and date of completion. This document must prove that you are at least in your final year of undergraduate studies. 

> Personal Statement. Minimum: approx. 700 words, in French or English. Please use the form provided in the online application system. The form includes the following questions:

- Please explain your motivation and interest in the subject for which you have applied. Which particular areas of the subject interest you?
- Describe the academic level and qualification that you have gained in this area of study from your previous and/or current studies. Please highlight the most relevant courses (seminars, lectures) and individual or collective projects that you have Completed.
- Describe any relevant work experience that you may have in this field/sector (job, internship, voluntary/unpaid work, assistantship, entrepreneurial activities, student associations, etc.)? How do the responsibilities and skills you have gained from previous work experience match the program for which you have applied?
- Describe a challenging situation where you had to demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills. What was your role and what was the outcome? You may include non-academic activities such involvement in student organizations, clubs and sports.
- What are your career goals and plans? How will this program help you achieve them?
- Please explain what makes you an outstanding candidate for this program. You may list any awards, honors or prizes that you have received?

> Contact details for two referees (Names, positions & emails). A letter of recommendation form will be sent directly to them. It is your responsibility to tell your referees about the deadline and make sure they fill out the form in time. Therefore we advise you to start your application by confirming your referees’ contact details. You must have at least one reference from a professor/lecturer/academic supervisor at your current institution. Your second recommender may be a manager or company supervisor (from an internship/previous or current job). Letters of recommendation sent by the applicants themselves will not be accepted.

> CV or resume, without any biographical gaps, maximum: 2 pages, in French or English ; Please include your extracurricular activities, awards and honors (both academic and extracurricular), work experience, community service, etc.

> Copy of passport (or ID card for European students)

> Copy of TOEFL/IELTS (taken less than 2 years before)

Please note that:

- GRE scores are not required. However, applicants who have already taken the exam for other universities may submit unofficial copies. 
- All documents must be submitted in French or English. For any document not originally written in French or English, you must enclosed the original version along with a translation either from your home university or from a recognized official translation agency or professional translator with their seal of authenticity and accuracy. Personal translations will not be accepted.

3. Application fee

The application processing fee for graduate degree programs is 80 euros (approx. 90 US dollars). You can pay by credit card or through an electronic bank transfer. Please note that this fee is non-refundable, even if an application is denied.

We advise that you pay the application fee by credit card, as the bank transfer usually takes more time. If you wish to pay the application fee via a bank transfer, it has to be processed by the bank several days before the admission deadline. If the bank transfer is made by a third party (family member, company, etc.) please make sure to inform the Admissions team by sending an email to the Admissions officer.