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Eric Bossou
IT infrastructure project manager
The World Bank Group

"I decided to join Ecole Polytechnique because I was truly interested in what the Executive Master is offering. I was looking for an EMBA program that will help me for my entrepreneurship project but it was difficult to find a program on the market that will suit me."



Jean-Charles Brunet
Technical Supervisor
Technology & Strategy

"I joined the Executive Master because I found the program is well balanced between the management and the technical aspects that will be required for tomorrow’s leaders. I want to gain some skills in hot technical topics that will be the main challenges for the industries in the next ten years.
In the automotive industry we can see 3 revolutions coming: connected vehicles, autonomous drive and electric vehicles. So, we will need some people that are able to understand the problematics that are related to this, and this is what I want to take from this program."



Candice Coulloc'h
Director of General and Regulatory Affairs
Nephrotek and AAZ Laboratories

"The program at École Polytechnique, as well as the international modules, served as a source of inspiration to accelerate the digitalization of my company and provided me with a wealth of information about rapidly growing industries.
The program’s complementary aspects of technology and innovation management allow me, today, to lead with increased confidence, efficiency and support from the school’s network. "



Christophe Dauriac
Managing Director
Woodtech France SAS

"I joined Polytechnique because I feel the necessity to further achieve my academic background. I think some of the topics covered are must-have: digital, industry 4.0, A.I., etc.The team project will be the occasion to apply these learnings and why not to launch a new start-up and become the next unicorn!"



Raphael Doutrebente
Directeur général Délégué
Groupe Europorte, filiale de Getlink

"I chose the Ecole Polytechnique Executive Master because I was looking for a tech-oriented master whereas all the other executive programs are more management-oriented."



Jean-Michel Felderhoff
Fast4Ward Program Director
SBM Offshore

"I’ve been working in the oil and gas sector for almost thirty years now. I wanted to open myself up to other types of technology to see what they could bring to my industry and my company, while also extending my skill set, particularly in terms of my capacity for innovating to create more value."



Cyrille Framery
Head of AIT Platform & Satellite and Test Center Department
Thales Alenia Space

"I chose the Executive Master at École Polytechnique for the balance between the fundamentals of an EMBA and the focus on innovation and technology. For managers who wish to support the strategic development of their companies in business and technology, this program addresses key issues in market evolution and entrepreneurship development."



Olivier Gombert-Gillmann
International Strategy Director

"The polyvalence of the Executive Master was for me a crucial aspect in applying for this unique formation in the landscape of the Executive Master / EMBA. One of the main assets is the highlight of leveraging technology in every innovation or Business Model. It is also an ideal formation because of the transversal approach to pointing toward the orientation or priority one wishes to give to his/her career making it enriching to us as individuals and/or more attractive as professionals."



Dr Jean-Christophe Guillerm
Head of cardiovascular therapeutic area, Global marketing and market access

"I think in medicine, innovation is the main driver for progress for the patient. So if you want to stay on top, you have to manage this innovation and how to use it in the most efficient way.
I have three main expectations : stay up to date on innovation topics, from a strategic and management perspective, being able to set in place the most efficient processes to develop a project, and to join a school with high values, with a strong citizen involvement."



Stéphane Guindolet
RAD Development

"As an engineer specializing in IT and Telecom, I was looking for a program that would give me exposure to new industrial and technical fields.  The Executive Master program at École Polytechnique enabled me to combine the strengthening of my managerial skills along with a scientific formation delivered by high-level experts."



Munishk Gupta
Executive Director

"Technology is getting more and more powerful in everything, and Business environment is changing ever faster everywhere; many organisational approaches are inadequate now and this trend will continue to accelerate.
This Executive Master combines technological and managerial aspects. It aims to assist senior decision makers in having better visibility of entire panorama (of situation and options), understanding of potential impact (whether people, platforms and/or processes), and most important guide them in a better & educated decision making to stay on top. Winners take All."


Carole Henry
Directrice Administration Paie France

"My choice to apply for the Executive Master program derives primarily from an approach of personal development. It also comes from the need for me to stay ahead of the curve while leading a transformation project in my position as HR Information Systems Director.
At this stage of the program, I have come to realize that not only have I been gaining skills in new technologies, but also developing work reflexes that encourage me to adopt a “disruptive” approach when dealing with technological issues at my company."



Marie Le Pargneux
Chief Development Officer - ExCo Member

"My objective in participating in the Executive Master was, above all, to better understand the technologies that are disrupting our world in order to make a greater impact in assisting in the transformation of my company. I never imagined the evolution that would take place, going from a leading bank group to a startup in cybersecurity. The job change would never have been possible without this program. Not only is it comprehensive and transformative, it also provided me with unique opportunities to meet outstanding people."



Abdul Qadir Malik
Program Head, Professional and Social Integration, Group Holdings PSR/ESC

"I joined the École Polytechnique Executive Master because I strongly believe the energy world and the new technology world are going to be closely intertwined.
The Executive Master is going to give me the answers that I am looking for to be able to better develop the synergies that are required in the energy and the new technology sectors."



Cyril Petitbois
Research professor
Université de Bordeaux

"I chose this program instead of other possibilities on the market mainly because I think Ecole Polytechnique has a big advantage in terms of technology and has a strong focus on entrepreneurship."



Vladimir Ramirez
International Executive
Ab Initio Software LLC

"I chose the Executive Master because Ecole Polytechnique is a very reputable international university that has a great tradition of science, technology and innovation. I wanted to be part of this history and tradition."



Ingrid Söllner
Directrice de projets organisation

"I chose this master because Ecole Polytechnique is an engineering school and it complements the business school I went in earlier. I also like the program because of its international aspect and it covers a lot of topics."



Johann Vo Van
Chief Technical Officer
LCDC Telecoms

"I decided to join the Executive Master program as I’m currently the Director of Studies and a member of the Administrative Council of my company. I need to be able to understand how business models are evolving, how to adapt my business accordingly and at what pace I should be developing it."



Miaojie Xu
Directeur des Achats Indirects

"I decided to join this program for two reasons. Firstly, I was looking for a way to boost my career and broaden my skillset. Secondly, coming from a business school background, I hoped to round off my profile by developing my capacity for leadership and by gaining a strategic view in relation to management and innovation."



Alexey Yanson
Business Development and Projects
Airbus SAS

"I joined the Executive Master for two main reasons. First, I would like to learn more about leadership and the management of new and disruptive technologies. Second, École Polytechnique is the #1 engineer school in France, with a strong research background, which is important to develop my network, to become an alumni and to be able to exchange with the top reasearch professionals."