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The Executive Master is a degree program of École polytechnique dedicated to senior managers with an average of 15 years of experience. Our aim is to develop leaders to design, deploy and manage projects with a strong focus on innovation and technology, in an international perspective, and for organizations from any sector.

The program consists of 12 modules of 4-5 days that span over 14 months to let you follow the classes while working full time.

Going beyond the core management and personal develoment aspects of an executive degree, the specificity of this program resides in the "state of the art" modules provided by research-professors of the school. This allows participants to have direct access to cutting edge technology created by our labratories.




Here are some examples of our speakers:

Prof. Thomas Clausen : IoT
Professor in computer networking at École polytechnique, heading the Cisco endowed « Internet of Everything » academic chair.

Prof. Eric Moulines : Data Science
Professor in statistics at the Applied Mathematics Center of École polytechnique. Member of the Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Bernard Drévillon : Énergies Nouvelles
Pioneer of thin film physics and nanomaterials. Vice President of the Physics department of École polytechnique, Education Director at IPVF, CNRS Silver Medal in 1995.


The École Polytechnique Executive Master is a unique degree that offers participants:

- classes with solid concepts, case studies and testimonies,
- conferences and debates with guest speakers,
- site visits (laboratories of École polytechnique, other schools, incubators…),
- personal and professional development,
- international modules,
- a “Group Project” with a high level of innovation and/or entrepreneurship,
- a “Class Project” oriented to the development of the program.


The program starts in September and consists of 12 modules of which 9 will take place in France (campus and Paris area) and 3 international (Asia, Europe and the USA). Courses are in both English and French. Participants are required to understand and speak both languages, however, they may provide their written work in their preferred language.



* The calendar and courses are subject to change


The international components are a strong point of this program. They allow participants to expand their understanding of management in an international and technological business setting while in different economic and cultural environments.

To learn more about our program, download our brochure.