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Center for Sustainable Economics and Financial Development

The main research areas of the economics department at Ecole Polytechnique are:

  • Sustainable Development and CSR: economics of sustainable development,  climate change, sustainable finance and responsible investment, environmental economics and Corporate Social Responsibilty
  • Microeconomics, applied and theoretical: industrial economy, competition, social choice theory, organization theory, game theory
  • Macroeconomics and Labor Economics : fluctuations, commerce, economics, theory of unemployment, economics of education

Research Program

The Center for Sustainable Economic and Financial Development aims at developping a world-class scientific team on Sustainable Economic and Financial Development. Its main objectives are to objectivize the arguments showing that sustainable development is – in today’s world – not only necessary but also possible, and to develop research methodologies allowing to better identify and integrate non-financial sustainable criteria into the analysis of value creation and growth.

To achieve these objectives, the Center for Sustainable Economic and Financial Development carries out research around the following main topics:

  • Environmental economics.
  • Green growth and sustainable development.
  • Wildlife management and biodiversity.
  • Long-term performance and risk evaluation,
  • CSR and ESG performance and measurement
  • Corporate Governanc and Shareholder engagement



Sustainable Economics and Financial Development Seminar

The SEFD seminar  deals with all topics related to sustainable development: from climate change to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and from environmental economics to socially responsible investment (SRI). Theoretical, empirical or experimental working papers are presented by a junior or senior researcher (usually from outside the department) and discussed by the attendees during the presentation.  This seminar gathers the core activity of the department  of economics on sustainable development, and provides a great opportunity to discuss frontier research in a stimulating environment.

Visit the seminar website.