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Lecture Series with Prof. Scott Barret (Columbia University)



Climate change is the greatest collective action problem in human history. All countries contribute to the problem, and all countries must act if we are to address it by cutting emissions of greenhouse gases.
This is why countries have been meeting year after year for 25 over years—to agree to cut their emissions together.
And, yet, over this same period, atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have continued to increase.
In this course, I shall develop an apparatus (a combination of analytical and experimental game theory) to address two questions:
(1) Why has collective action about climate change been ineffective?
And (2) How can we do better?
 You might think that the Paris Agreement, which the Secretariat to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change says, “for the first time…brings all nations into a common cause
to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change…,” has solved this great problem.
However, we shall see that Paris is unlikely to make much of a difference.
At the same time, Paris may provide an opportunity for the world to do better.


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