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Masters of Science and Technology

Masters of Science and Technology from Ecole Polytechnique are industry-oriented two-year programs providing state-of-the-art multidisciplinary education and in-depth scientific knowledge. They are designed for highly qualified undergraduate students with a solid background in Science and/or Engineering and who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills necessary to play a key role in leading technology and business organizations throughout the world.

Ecole Polytechnique offers two main economics – related MScT in coordination with the Economics Department:


Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance

The graduate program Corporate Strategies for New Markets  opened its first year in September 2016 and the opening of the second year is scheduled for September 2017 (under a new title).
This two-year program aims to train students in the strategic analysis of new markets, using the techniques of quantitative economics. It offers advanced training in microeconomics (especially in industrial economics), econometrics and data analysis, and corporate finance. The objective of this program is to prepare students to work in the strategic management of large companies, in consulting, finance, or to become entrepreneurs.
Primarily intended for students with comprehensive mathematical training and an interest in economics, it is also open to those whose principle background is economics with an advanced mathematical component.
The teaching is highly professional-oriented, relying on real-world case studies to uncover the hidden trends guiding the evolution of specific market segments and business models. The program benefits from the École Polytechnique’s wide-reaching network of industrial partners to gain key industry insights from leading business figures.

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Economics for smart cities and climate policy

“Building and connecting the cities of tomorrow”

This graduate program, offered by Polytechnique in cooperation with ENPC and ENSAE and partnerships with World Bank, SNI and Wharton Business School welcomes its first students in September 2018.

Why Smart Cities?

Metropolitan economies are the basic organizing units of competition in the global economy. The geographic concentration of assets, workers, knowledge, and amenities in metro regions shapes their growth and determines prosperity.
Metropolitan areas of the 21th century will undergo profound changes faced with new technologies, urban services and mobility needs. A vast number of existing cities will need to be re-imagined and converted into Smart and Green Cities, and will be expected to directly contribute to the health and wellbeing of the people who live, work and learn inside them. The challenges in the process of doing so are unique.
The purpose of the program
The program involves applying advanced quantitative methods to the study of new and transforming metropolitan areas and their competitive environments.
For those with a strong mathematical background, an interest in economics and are looking to use their technical skills in leadership-oriented roles, this degree will provide the know-how to navigate the trends shaping the 21st metropolitan economies.
Teaching is resolutely professional-oriented, relying on a combination of methodological teachings and real-world case studies to uncover the hidden trends guiding the evolution of specific market segments and business models.

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