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Data Never Sleeps

Just like every year now, Excelacom sums up what the Internet does in 60 seconds with its famous What happens in an Internet Minute infographic, 2017 edition.
As usual, it’s not only interesting to look at 2017 numbers, but to compare them with 2016 numbers as well
What’s worth noticing:
- Most major players keep on growing: Facebook, Netflix, email, Uber, the App Store, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Google, YouTube & Whatsapp.
- Some platforms disappeared from this data analysis: LinkedIn, Vine & Tinder.
- While some new ones made it: Pandora, Twitch & Bumble.
- One key fact to notice: Snapchat has been skyrocketing in a year, evolving from 500K photos shared every minute in 2016… to almost 7M videos viewed every 60 seconds on the platform, which represents 70% more than video pioneer YouTube!