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Bachelor - Graduate

For any (wired or wireless) connection problems, please first contact:
support [at] eleves.polytechnique.fr
If you encounter problems configuring your equipments, a students' association can help you every Tuesday evening in Sauvy amphitheater (building 69) from 18pm.

Connect to network:

The Ecole polytechnique network uses a secure authentication mechanism known as WPA2-Enterprise and 802.1X.
This security mechanism protects your user name and password. In a wireless environment, it also protects your data with network encryption.
Your network connection requires specific settings and credentials in order to use the network.
To set up your computer, please follow the link below according to your operating system :
Each of theses documents are currently being translated.
Throughout the campus, the primary wireless Service Set Identifier (SSID) is listed as "Polytechnique."
You can access the WiFi Network via:



- EAP method: TTLS
- Phase 2 Authentication: PAP
- Identity: firstname.surname
- Anonymous identity: anonymous
- Password :
- Save



Choose Polytechnique and enter your password (Wifi / Zimbra / Enex).
Warning: For windows 7,8,10, you must first download
and install Secure W2.

Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad

Download and install the mobileconfig file
then enter your password when the terminal prompts you to install the file:
To install mobileconfig file on iPad, you can first connect to the network Visitors (with your usual password), install file and then disconnect from the wireless network visitors



Manage your emails

Use this enhanced webmail: https://webmail.polytechnique.fr.
You can also setup a desktop email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird:
- get emails : server= webmail.polytechnique.fr, choose IMAP - port 993 – SSL
- send emails : server = webmail.polytechnique.fr, choose SMTP - port 587 – StartTLS

As a student of the Ecole polytechnique, you get an e-mail address firstname.lastname [at] polytechnique.edu for life. Be careful, this address does not correspond to a definitive mail store.

Emails sended to firstname.lastname [at] polytechnique.edu are first analyzed (antivirus/antispam) by outgoing mail server* and then delivered to an internal mailbox (firstname.lastname [at] zimbra.polytechnique.fr), on the incoming mail server**. Only @polytechnique.edu address should be passed to your contacts.

If needed, you can also forward a copy of your e-mails to a private address (for example, firstname.lastname [at] gmail.com). Log into https://webmail.polytechnique.fr, select Preferences \Mail \Receiving Mails and set your personal email address in the textbox Forward a copy to:

When you leave the school, your zimbra's account expires but your mail forwarding rule is kept and set on outgoing mail server. The only thing that changes is your e-mails are no longer stored inside the school.

You can change at any time the address pointed to by firstname.lastname [at] polytechnique.edu through: https://mail.polytechnique.edu. Due to technical constraints, the login/password used on this website is different from your LDAP login/password.