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Data Science Starter Program (DSSP)

Already in the working world? Then the Data Science Starter Program (DSSP) is for you!

The Center of Applied Mathematics of l'École Polytechnique (CMAP)  conducts a continuous Data Science training program,  where state of the art tools and methodologies are offered in order to prepare, analyze and exploit massive data sets.

State of the art tools and methodologies to prepare, analyze and exploit massive data sets (or not) are taught in 9 sessions (2 days each). Teaching is carried out mainly by research professors alternating course-work and practical field implementation in Data Camps, which account for more than one quarter of the program. Alternating time spent in formation and in-company allows an immediate application of the new learned techniques and a very fast experience feedback. The program delivers a certification “To lead a project in data science” recorded in the CNCP records.

An enriching experiment which has proven itself a success!


Data Science Starter Program

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