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The Chair  : a symbiotic relationship between research and industry

L’École Polytechnique establishes privileged collaborations with the industrial world in the form of research and training Chairs.

Within the Science Data Initiative, the chairs are the driving force behind advanced applied research. It is an enriching exchange where field experience joins the know-how that results from research.

Our chair partners will find the possibility of cooperating with research projects in a field where actors of the economic, health and social protection sectors require answers to concrete and challenging problems.

The chair provides direct support to the laboratories of L’École by financing new positions for professors, as well as doctorate and post-doctorate students that can reinforce the existing research teams. The chairs also support several events, such as the organization of the annual Data Challenge, where sets of anonymous real data files are made available to the students. 

The chair also hosts the Workshop, an international scientific event on Big Data applied to the risks of social media. The goal of the Workshop is to study technical solutions and to model a crisis of social platforms with the participation of important academic partners.

Currently the Data Science Initiative has two chairs.


 Data Scientist Chair

Keyrus (an international actor specialized in data management) joined the Data Science Initiative to participate with other actors such as Orange and Thales to create a chair. Whereas organizations are confronted with a shortage of specialists in Big Data, this chair actively supports the development of the sector.

The objective of the chair is to support training in data science applied to Big Data, through training in Data Science proposed by L’École Polytechnique, in order to create a new recruitment pool for businesses.

It also encourages innovative and original research in Data Science applied to Big Data. Work associated with the chair will benefit from a strong collaboration between computer science specialists, mathematicians and non-academic actors.



Data Science Chair for the insurance sector

The insurance sector is at the dawn of a major revolution induced by the potential of Data Science. Through the processing and  analysis  of gigantic masses of data, the possibilities opened by Big Data will have a long-lasting impact in this market. 

Educating and attracting students to the business of data science in the insurance sector is an important issue which naturally led the AXA Group, via its subsidiary Global Direct, to approach L’École Polytechnique.

The chair “Data Science for the Insurance Sector”, carried by the Foundation of L’École Polytechnique, is dedicated to the development of data science and supports the work of the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP, Centre de Máthematiques Appliquées) and the Computer Science Laboratory (LIX).

This way, professor, doctorate and post-doctorate posts can be financed.

One of the major targets of the chair is also to reinforce the lessons learned in Mathematics and Computer Science by proposing  students (researchers in team projects) concrete study cases in the insurance sector.