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First Data Science Summer School at the École Polytechnique

The Data Science Summer School was a great success. From 28 August to September first a panel of 16 experts at the forefront of new tools and methods in the field of Maching learning, deep learning and Big Data.


DS 2017 Data Sience Initiative

 There were brilliant speakers and panellists during these 5 days:

  • C. Archambeau
  • Y. Bengio
  • A. Bordes
  • N. Boujemaa
  • O. Bousquet
  • D. Ernst
  • E. Gobet
  • L. Grigori
  • P. Leca
  • S. Meyn
  • S. Nowozin
  • P. Ravikumar
  • P. Richtárik
  • S. Russell
  • B. Salha
  • Cs. Szepesvári

The diversity of the participants (from 30 countries on the 6 continents) highlights the scope of this summer appointment and the influence of the École polytechnique internationally.

The 400 participants benefited from quality training in the field of Data Science, they had the opportunity to exchange and share views from the world of research and business (200 institutions were represented). The magnificent setting of the École polytechnique welcomed this first meeting: a success without question.

The 120 posters presented were informal exchanges around topics such as deep learning, graphical models, optimization, bandit learning  and applications: vision, audio, health, ....

The best poster contest was won by Peter Naylor with a poster titled: Finding key biological features for cancer diagnosis from histopathology slides.

The 220 students had the opportunity to find themselves immersed in the current reality of Big-Data, an unrivaled opportunity to project themselves into a promising field.

This experience only needs to be renewed, go for a next edition!